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  1. No. This is stop condition -> to pause for recover and switch tab
  2. 2.5 days only i play auto 24/24 xD... Day 1 i made 175k, Day 2 i increasing base and earn total 410k, then i play some rolling of normal xD-> 430k
  3. I check every hours xD.. At primedice chat and forum o.O..
  4. Thanks for advice. I withdraw 430k and now play as normal xD..
  5. Super low stragy on dice bot. My setup only switch when meet 3 losing and reset seed after 1k bets. How many reds we can meet with balance only 30k satoshies?
  6. Not at primedice, but also congrats u very lucky of hunting it, i remmember Carollzinha hunt it at Duckdice, too.
  7. https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1532173.120 Maybe from that, OP want to said coinexchange.io will hold all ERC20 token or ICOs coin for avoid scam project?
  8. I like this giveaway,too. What time we will start?