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    chichi reacted to nytewind in script win   
    99.9% of the scripts you see on youtube are indeed scams HOWEVER
    DICEBOT by seuntjie (bot.seuntjie.com) is the suggested API connected bot used on primedice and there are many scripts offered on his site.
    always gamble with caution !
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    chichi reacted to merlyn22 in How to earn satoshi   
    try to make bitcointalk account. i earn thier making social media bounty and signature campaign. all you have to do first is make your account rank up so its more easy to apply on signature campaign make quality post better.
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    chichi reacted to MrKnight8686 in How to earn satoshi   
    If i dont wrong, you are from Viet Nam. And I know one forum for earning satoshie is very famous at our community : mmo4me... You can find out some case to earn here. Many script and many way to earning. xD. Welcome to primedice ( remember, dont use vietnamese on your post, u can get banned and misunderstood)
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    chichi reacted to MateuszHDHR1 in How to earn satoshi   
    typing out in forum
    trying faucets on PD
    playing roll hunts on chat
    there are plenty ways on bitcointalk also