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  1. New Year I wish everyone will have significant achievements make more money and more satisfying life, I just joined the primedice. It took me a while to get acquainted. and psychology as well as most people would like to earn some knowledge and money, I see on youtube see a lot of scripts win for the roll I sincerely wish people just told. Do not know if it is not cheating but really impressed with that achievement. And that script or please just tell. Thank you for reading
  2. Wishing you all the best and happy new year
  3. It is worth mentioning for those who have little knowledge about bitcoin
  4. I also want to earn half a cent from now until the end of the year
  5. greed makes us empty. or create a plan. It is not always good to come with us
  6. Good Christmas with post-pay bonuses
  7. sex is always a hot topic. According to the Buddha, it is rupa
  8. No idea how bitcoin will develop and where to go these ethical chips will have a bitcoin-dependent behavior.
  9. Not 100usd. I think 19000usd down 1900usd many people have to commit suicide
  10. 100btc= 1900000usd now 52/5000 I'm thinking what I'm going to do to express this feeling