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  1. There is plenty of time left until the 25th hope it goes even higher .
  2. it is they are just spaming without having any idea about what ... BTW " They are truly sorry "
  3. they had the highest reputation possible. its not about if they return or not its about if they return the missing funds ...
  4. Can it be PD and / or STAKE ? If so why not just ask us to write about those 2 ?
  5. I just DO NOT KNOW what to believe ! @ first it was 70 USD or so minimum payout when reached that was transfered to the miners wallet and last few weeks but not more than one month it did calculate a minimal payment of 100k or such so i just don;t know if they closed shop and went away with other ppls money or what is advertised about being hacked... it just seems so hard to belive ! damn it ...
  6. Just went online after a few days away and saw in PD chat that ppl are talking about NiceHash Hacked ... regarding the 14k USD for 1 BTC Strange thing is that the site is down but the miner was still working but showing 0 ( ZERO ) balance ... I had a little over 400 USD worth so i am not one of the many who lost "a lot" but still it is WOW , wtf ? ....
  7. OK so basically ALL THIS has no meaning what so ever except the fact that the more you post the more you get ! P.S. am in for the same reasons
  8. Yeah well maybe someone needs to take a stand and clear all the doubt because lets face it we are all here for pay per post
  9. You mean edited ? If so am in with BTC price: 19 876$ ( but will update it on the 25th just for more accuracy ) P.S. Thanks for the giveaway
  10. How much do you usually bet ? or it depends on the multiplier ? Also you don't bet on the big teams ? I hope i will win tonights combo with PSG and Barca.
  11. I am not talking about cloud mining, i mean actual mining using your own hardware CPU and GPU .
  12. daemon7777

    NiceHash Miner

    Any one used it ? I just installed it now to give it a try and see what does it choose to mine and to be able to compare it to other miners.
  13. Weekend is almost over, was busy with some Black Friday stuff. I will bet and watch later the French League 1 game between MONACO and PSG with a 1.44 for PSG WIN and the Spanish game between VALENCIA and BARCELONA with a 1.57 Barca WIN on a combo bet for 2.26 ODDS .
  14. Crazy is usually good in gambling not sure about time travel though anyways since the cryptocurrency it's still so young there are many more opportunities to look out for in other coins. Wish you good luck in the future 'cose after all that is all that counts at the end, and keep in mind a Robbie Williams song " No regrets, they don't work "