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    FarSeeR got a reaction from CaptainLorca in Desktop or mobile   
    It would be always PC, i use mobile for messangers or mobile related things, when it comes to money, i should have controll over everything and a big screen is all i need!
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    FarSeeR got a reaction from CaptainLorca in Do you guys check Bitcoin price everyday?   
    Who doesnt? I guess everyone into this crypto thing would check prices few times a day
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    FarSeeR reacted to Kargai in What will you do with your Bitcoin in 2018 ?   
    Electroneum was my first investment too and I'm happy with it. I will look for other great projects to invest but not rushing anything since lots of them are just scam & Co.
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    FarSeeR got a reaction from UltraChief in The 7 types of gambler- what type are you?   
    I have friends who earn more than players just how u told. Thats sweet money but i needs so much work to find reffs.
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    FarSeeR reacted to Henry Sy in The 7 types of gambler- what type are you?   
    i am a fuck up gambler with super nigative profit :'(
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    FarSeeR got a reaction from badguy69 in Morning without breakfast   
    I used to follow intermittent fasting for a long time and i had more energy during the day and even at the gym زompared to the times i eat breakfast...
    I used to eat from 6~7 pm to 12~1 am and fast the rest ( only water, green tea and black coffe )
    Im sure you are thinking that im bluffing but the results are exactly the opposite of what u think. You have more energy and focus during the fast period and believe me thats much healthier...
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    FarSeeR reacted to Vladimir in 🏆 10th Talkative Giveaway 0.1 BTC Prize Pool   
    Hello all,
    Thank you for participating in the Talkative giveaway and keeping the forum alive. 
    All the eligible users have received the share of 0.1 BTC which was 0.005 BTC per user. 
    The winners are: 
    Russia777777 kurian MrsRabMalfoy bakha0588 Bitcoinani Ssociety ampula Carollzinha Asombroso Kargai MrKnight8686 Noahbreezy Bitlol22 DreamStage PARANORMAL 1BTCbank Mistletoe zambidis mg0d badguy69  
    Wish you the best and hope to see more participants in the future. 
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    FarSeeR reacted to MegaBetzZz in for all the time of my life where have you been?   
    Oh, how I envy you. Have a nice trip and a great stay in the future and report back in this forum as I spent the rest)
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    FarSeeR reacted to Bojana in Ladies, What about a Mister PD contest?   
    That one already happened, we have the girl winners 
    Yes, @Mistletoe, that is the plan, to organise a simultaneous one next time 
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    FarSeeR reacted to vinka1976 in Ladies, What about a Mister PD contest?   
    Only women? noooooo...... PD must have a Miss and a Mister too....... what do you think? lets vote for a man contest.....:)
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    FarSeeR got a reaction from Bojana in how much you earn on PD ?   
    Thank you mam ^^