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  1. What is wrong with you people
  2. It would be always PC, i use mobile for messangers or mobile related things, when it comes to money, i should have controll over everything and a big screen is all i need!
  3. You really are asking about things that people sell for good luck? Be realstic for god sake
  4. Share some proofs that they really pay, and how should someone realy trust in this kinds of investments!
  5. Whatever dude, there should be a limit for users to have access to faucets and when you reach the limit there should be sign. Nobody counts how many time he or she used the faucet.
  6. Let me guess, Too many Faucets you got and you are perminatly muted just like me. I just did that because if its not allowed there should be a sign or alarm to make the case clear...
  7. I've seen rich people just like how u discribed and thats shame
  8. Thats because members of PD are rich and do not crave for free staffs
  9. I would have cached out and spend it on buying some alt coins and wait for them to grow in 1 year or 2, then i would be millionaire for sure
  10. This Electroneum is getting named by so many people these days... I didnt research on it yet, but im becoming curious about it I think investing on good projects with low market cap is a wise move... Some changes and lots of money u earn -.-
  11. I dont see any chance to have some profit out of doge. Thats just my prespective
  12. If that was possible, we were all billionaires
  13. Why not? Anything can happen in brypto world, bitcoin cash went from 500 to 2800 and that was something nobody was expected.
  14. Do not tell me that you dont do the same ( How many "do"s i used for this sentence )
  15. I spend btc to trade altcoins on exchange platforms for some extra income. or lose them on gambling But its totally upto the situation at the moment
  16. I have friends who earn more than players just how u told. Thats sweet money but i needs so much work to find reffs.
  17. Strategies only work when u have a big bankroll, if you dont, its all luck i guess
  18. I really dont know what category i am in but i play too much poker and bet on soccer games everyday!
  19. FarSeeR


    That would be great
  20. I regret that 7 years ago i find out what bitcoin is and those coins were just few cents! i installed all the things i needed to mine and after one day i told myself what the hell are u doing? It doesnt worth... Now i could be a millionaire...
  21. I used to follow intermittent fasting for a long time and i had more energy during the day and even at the gym زompared to the times i eat breakfast... I used to eat from 6~7 pm to 12~1 am and fast the rest ( only water, green tea and black coffe ) Im sure you are thinking that im bluffing but the results are exactly the opposite of what u think. You have more energy and focus during the fast period and believe me thats much healthier...
  22. I saw this on youtube on king human's channel! im kind of intersted in investing on it, but im still waiting to see if their issues going to be fixed or not
  23. Wow, that easy?! he made 21K USD just by few clicks
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    Its called Ganbare, Kickers! and started at 1985