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  1. I was able to fix this. Removed safe browsing in settings> privacy. Pd is not safe. Lol
  2. Same error with what i had with ios before. Now screen wont load blue screen only. Clear cache and cookies done. Tried different browsers. Reinstalled browsers. Power cycle. Clear cache cookies again. Will work on other devices only. Anybody experienced this?
  3. 1st : you dont expect a single loss. 2nd : you dont stop after you 1st lose on the day you, you keep playing until you get the 3% for that day.
  4. Payout 9900x From bottom up consecutive. 92.39 Bet:22,070,566,685 placed by 1claire Wagered: 0.00001618 Payout: 9900.00x Profit: -0.00001618 82.96 Bet:22,070,566,533 placed by 1claire Wagered: 0.00001618 Payout: 9900.00x Profit: -0.00001618 79.10 Bet:22,070,566,330 placed by 1claire Wagered: 0.00001618 Payout: 9900.00x Profit: -0.00001618 73.76 Bet:22,070,566,183 placed by 1claire Wagered: 0.00001618 Payout: 9900.00x Profit: -0.00001618 64.51 Bet:22,070,566,021 placed by 1claire Wagered: 0.00001618 Payout: 9900.00x Profit: -0.00001618 44.58 Bet:22,070,565,833 1claire -0.00001618 36.75 Bet:22,070,565,674 1claire -0.00001618 10.75 Bet:22,070,565,514 1claire -0.00001618
  5. I martingale is the most popular way of gambling. Basic. Double your bet when lose. Reverse martingale is double your bet when win. I use reverse martingale but will double bet not on next bet but on next sure win. How do i know it is sure win.? I wait for a long red streak. Dont bet at the end of the long red streak. After long reds. There are 5 greens or 4 greens. So bet max on that greens. I started with depo of 5M In the first few rolls i just made the 5M to 9M with this. 300k 600k 1.2M Twice. Then decided if it is working why not go all in. I bet 7M out of 9M. Then made it to top 5. Bet big to win big. Now time to wait for btc to rise up again.. 😂 How do i roll my bets? 3 hits. Multiplier 2.3x E.G. Start with 2k If lose. Dont increase bet. If win, 2k Bet 4k Bet 8k Total win 18,200 You see after hitting 3 hits, you now have another set of 9 rolls starting at base bet. Look for patterns to do this. Lows in a row. Highs in a row High low high low. High high low low high high If you lose 8 times of 2k, thats 16k If on the last attempt you cannot three hits to win back. Then technique is not for you. Eg. Lose lose lose then 3 hits -2000 -2000 -2000 18200 Profit is 12.2k Start again with 2k then 3 hits. Again. Sometimes I go for 4th hit.. You can always make few rolls with value e.g 100 sats. Then try to make a patterrn.. And watch the pattern of the red streak. I even got 11 red streak on ping pong pattern.. I noticed After ping pong pattern, there will be a long streak of high or low.. (Long meaning 5 or more in a row) Some times it goes as far as 11 in a row. This is a sure dead zone for martingale players. Same technique i used last night at solaire winning P140K. This post is to share my story. Maybe it will help. Maybe not. Good luck! Happy earnings
  6. Thanks @UltraChief for the 300k loan.

    Paid today at 6.5% daily 

  7. I have only been on top 10 twice. Lol. Show me the money
  8. BET:21,983,464,172 placed by 1claire Wagered: 0.00000100 Payout: 450.00x Profit: 0.00044900 Placed by 1claire on March, 22nd, 2018 at 12:28 AMOUNT WAGERED0 .00000100 BTC BET PAYOUT4 50.00x BTC BET PROFIT0 .00044900 BTC
  9. Thanks @UltraChief for the 300k loan.

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  10. Complete the sentence.. If there was no bitcoin I would..
  11. As long as there are people who prefer gold over bitcoin then it will never die. Gold to Fiat FIAT to Crypto No demand on gold, fiat becomes less of value then bitcoin too.
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    Is that ironman for real?