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  1. Lmao , that song was my favorite when I was in 6th grade and we sang it in groups old days, why this colavari colavari colavari deeee
  2. Soyeb Akter


    India has strict rules on gambling and it's prohibited on so many levels and Indian government asks it's residents to play at own risk as the government provides less to zero help to both clients and providers in case they have been cheated by the other
  3. Exactly. People lose and then bet everything they have to recover and they bust it with 80% guaranteed
  4. Exactly also Forex is more profit so I will put into that too
  5. Ok so I get up and see 1 BTC in my account I will distribute 0.0001 BTC to 100 people in chat. For the rest amount , I will keep 0.2 BTC in my PD account and withdraw the rest. I will bet withe 0.2 BTC and try to make 1 BTC . Then I will preserve certain amount for 21 year of pizza and chicken nuggets every week Then I will put some cash in bank, put some into trading, put some in alt coins and donate 0.1 BTC towards charity. I will then buy a bike and preserve rest for future
  6. It can hit 99 then 98 then 97 and right when you bet at above 90 it can hit to 0.02 all depends on luck youvan predict but no prediction is accurate I have noticed when it's under 10 then next bet is also under 10 (not always but often) but when I bet in that prediction it wasn't successful
  7. BCH has a chance to replace BTC if BTC is criticized by any popular figure like Trump when BTC price will plummet and BCH due to its low awareness may rise. All are prediction tho, nothing can be said
  8. If I lose twice or thrice in a row on 2x chance then I just close the page and refresh and change my seed and call any existing God to help me out then I play randomly and it works because random beats random fair, simple, fun
  9. Gambling is problem only when you put necessary money into it. For example , I work as a freelancer on various sites and earn. I then buy things and games I like with the money. Now for example I wanna buy something thats 30$ and I have earnt $70 in a day. I would save $30 for the thing I wanna buy, $20 in savings for future use and then with $20 I will buy bitcoins and play on PD. It's not a risky thing because even if I bust, I will not go bankrupt. But if I say buy bitcoins for $70 totally even when I know if I bust I will not be able to buy and get what I need, that's when the problem arises. And if not stopped, the addiction with eat up the brain
  10. I always bust but if I profit and withdraw, I invest it in other altcoins and trading investments etc. Also exchange it in form of cash and keep in my bank for shopping etc.
  11. Yes they are fair because you can always change client seeds. Its well explained on another post on the forum home page. You can blindly put your bet without fear of manipulation
  12. Well there should be separation of church and state and also there should one country's law from a constitution that derives it's laws and rules from common sense and morality and scientific facts rather than religious texts and rules. There should be freedom of speech as long as it doesn't insult someone, and right to practice any religion or no religion at all. That would be so good
  13. I made 300k from faucet in stake. I haven't made more than 20k from faucet in PD but on stake I played with my faucet on mines and quickly achieved 1k and from 1k I started to play dice. Minimum bet was 100 Satoshi and chance of winning was 2x. I played until I reached 5 k from which I increased bet to 200 Satoshi and winning chance 2.5 x. If I lose, I would decrease bet amount till I recover twice of lost amount. After that I played some more dice to reach like 20k and then jumped to keno. I put all in and hit 3x and then I went to mines and made it to 100k. Then played dice with 50k for two times and won both and then when I had 200 k I played with Hilo and made like 20k totalling 220 k . It was enough for me to withdraw but in greed I bet more and started to play mines with more risk finally landing to 350k then I thought to withdraw 3 and play with 50k but in greed I started to take bigger risk and finally busted 150k in hitting bombs in mines and I had still 200k so to recover so went to dice and played twice with 100k winning both so I had now 400k. My instinct was telling me to withdraw but I thought let me make 1million then I will withdraw and played dice with 200 k bet, losing both so yeah, happy and sad story regret and excitement
  14. I don't consider myself a compulsive gambler but some of my habits might match but that's true for all other categories too I have lost so much in bitcoin gambling and in a sense to recover them I always try to gamble and recover them with a little profit, the more I win, the greed increases leading to an unfortunate bust. But yeah I don't always prioritize gambling over all activities since I work on freelancing websites and I only gamble with a small percent of my earnings and save the rest as I know if I gamble with all of the money I will bust due to greed There should be a self discipline process to restrict yourself from gambling too much and that can be achieved by only yourself, for compulsive gamblers, they need to chill out a bit and be content with what they have, and what they love. For example if I win 0.005 btc in a bet, and m=if my greed is telling me to bet more, I try to think about all the awesome pizzas I will be able to buy with 0.005 and if I bust then I will not even get a coke and my greed comes to halt and I withdraw, so I maybe a mixture of category 2,4,6 and 7
  15. I have observed in my experience that if a person spends 5 hours a day online participating in forms or chatrooms where the default language is English, his English is more or less becomes fluent in a psychological level. Even if you don't speak and just type it, it will just be more and more accurate and you will be more and more confident. I would suggest if one wants to master English, he should be more online than attend any English learning class when you are online then you are participating in with your consent without any pressure or judgement. Also the more you try to express yourself using English as a mean, the better you will become to handle it with as if the language belongs to you. You don't have to then translate the words in mind before speaking rather they will originate in your brain in their original forms. And English is just a language, not a qualification of intellectuality, it's the global language which makes it kind of special and nothing else good luck