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  1. i love to bully players, by face expression. Ssociety there is a lot of online poker games .
  2. it happens if you guys put your money on it like invest and when you got your second payment site turns out this way :'(
  3. i want you guys to pick a game which boys and girls can play with to be fair
  4. sometimes you can really tell you have a lucky charm if you win in an accident way like pressing "max" and win
  5. would it be helpful if you store it offline wallet? and secure
  6. that number is sexy it will just take me an hour before hitting it.
  7. recently people been playing huge multiplier like 5x - 9x above since when you compute the odds on it it gives you a pretty close one to 2x on lose increasing it to .15% nice one haimhai
  8. btcgwallet 250k sat in this wallet before way back when btc is still at 2k usd
  9. I'm not so sure about this but if could be no.4 since he's very a husband type who will kill his wify