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  1. Anyone bet on Champions League ?
  2. crypto1337

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    Lol , am a girl also , oh wait am not
  3. funny as hell if you read all
  4. Hey all am new here, had an older account on PD in 2016 but forgot credentials, so basically am new in forum only, have some experience playing dice and i love how it got even more exciting with the current price of btc being as high as it is right now wish you all good luck and all the best !
  5. LOL if i may Chealsea @ HOME knew everything there is to know about "the special one" so it was pretty easy to face the tired OLD team full of very expensive players that are behind Guardiola 's City
  6. I don't know if it is just me but doesn't this sound to good to be true ? Why would any one of the listed sites give away free stuff just for registering ? I would understand that if it was something like sign up buy minimum and get some free. Even with up to a month or more waiting time it still sounds fishy to me. Any thoughts ?