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  1. I woke up and saw bitcoin going down like a ladder .
  2. How can you say bitconnect is a scam? can you please explain.
  3. Exactly greed is the source of evil . rofl
  4. Let them be don't even bother.
  5. Username: reinTX Hopefully i win tnx :))
  6. I see looking forward for the next dip
  7. reinTX


    One piece Naruto Bakuman
  8. Found it out on my friend who's addicted to gambling
  9. Thanks for the tip I would try learning strategies on exchanges .
  10. About 6 months because of this greed getting more bitcoin out of luck .
  11. With the potential of the bitcoin value dropping to "6k-6.4k", do you believe it would be wise to buy with that current price while it's still going up some prior to the fork, take advantage of the "free" coins that will be given due to the fork, then sell immediately after with the intention of then buying at a pre-planned price to take advantage of the rise after the expected correction? Any thoughts? Would Appreciate your responses
  12. I have my eyes on bitconnect actually but have doubts at the same time.
  13. I'm really trying to start with BitCoin, but for some reason my pessimistic attitude keeps blocking me. Is it really too late to invest on bitcoin now? I keep on getting negativity like difficulty is too high and mining is not profitable anymore. Any ideas to people like me just starting out in the crypto world? Appreciate the replies Thanks :))
  14. What coins to mine/invest online do you recommend for people like me just starting out?