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  1. It is provably fair, see here
  2. Just like all techniques, there's still the house edge. There is no "easy" way to win 50% more than you have without taking the risk associated with it.
  3. I think they should look for other options but at the same time, this is a forum and there aren't many other ways to do a forum-based giveaway without using posts and topics.
  4. I've been here since the first version of the site. I remember that colorful palette. Looked kind of cool but was also kind of an eyesore.
  5. I'm not sure you two understand how chance works and have a serious case of gambler's fallacy
  6. RGBKey


    The payout info for March was just released, I stored an average of 58GB over the whole period and had some number of bandwidth used. I got paid a little under $5. Halfway through march though they released the billing system and now many more people are uploading data, now I'm storing 168GB. I expect to get paid a lot more at the end of April.
  7. People hate ponzis because it's not gambling. There's no assurance that you're getting certain odds and there's no reason to trust the operator. It's a crappy way to lose money. But you know what they say, a fool and his money are soon parted.
  8. If you would actually read the thread you'd see that we're talking about mining Monero. There are plenty of altcoins that are profitable to mine.
  9. RGBKey

    Do you smoke??

    Me too. Never understood how even under social pressure people could make that bad of a decision.
  10. do you have any suggestions for me? more efficient mining tool for comp? For a list of monero mining pools and their stats I've used moneropools.com. (The pool I use is moneropool.com. Almost all of those pools there keep updated links to the most efficient mining software.
  11. I hate the though of even going to the gym but I like to exercise. I'm not a fan of weights or anything similar, but I love to run and ride my bike. You'll never see me on a stationary bike or treadmill though, I'd much rather run/bike outside where there's a view and fresh air.
  12. RGBKey


    Is anyone else here a storj farmer? If you're not familiar with it, Storj is a decentralized platform for cloud storage. It allows you to buy storage space at incredibly competitive rates compared to other service providers and also allows you to rent out your unused disk space to the network where you get paid for how much people use. I think it's great, you can learn more at http://storj.io
  13. I've found that minergate can be a lot less efficient than the specialized miners. I personally use XMR-STAK-cpu to mine monero on my CPU and claymore to mine ETH on my GPU.