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  1. To start the game, both players should each have a pair of dice and 50 wagering units each (in this example we used Poker chips). At the same time, each player rolls their two dice in front of them. They then each add up their Dice Count and compare it to the other players dice count. Chips are then won, lost or put into the Pot based on the chart above. As we know from the Two Dice Probability chart, there are 12 different Counts (sums) possible between two dice. The least likely of all the counts are the 2 and 12, which are tied with only one occurrence each. In this game, as in almost all other games of any genre, the rarer an occurrence is the more value it receives in the game. For example, in Poker the less likely a hand is to occur the higher it ranks. The Straight Flush is the most statistically unlikely hand in the game and is therefore the best hand you can have, followed by Four of a Kind which is the second least likely combination to occur. In most games LOW FREQUENCY EQUALS HIGH VALUE. So following this logic, the premium rolls in our game are the least likely of all the two dice combos. The two (1-1) and the twelve (6-6) counts make up only two combinations out of the total 36 combos for two dice. They are known as the Strung counts. If you roll a two or twelve and your opponent rolls anything other than a two or twelve themselves, you win all the chips in the current Pot. But if they also roll a Strung count, a stalemate occurs and both players must roll again with neither player winning any chips. The next unlikely group would be the three (1-2, 2-1) and eleven (5-6, 6-5) counts that are known as the Takecounts. Therefore we have also given these rolls a special bonus. Whenever you roll either of these counts and your opponent doesn't also roll a Take count or Strung count, you get to take out five chips from the Pot into your stack. If your opponent had rolled a Strung count, unfortunately the Strung count would have trumped your second-best Take Count and they'd have won the whole Pot (you wouldn't even get to take out your five chips). So Take counts are the second least likely counts and beat everything except for the Strung counts. But how do you get any chips into the Pot in the first place? If neither player rolls a Strung or Take count, the player who has the lower count must contribute the difference in the counts to the Pot. So if you roll a 9 count and your opponent rolls a 5 count, they would have to put in four chips into the Pot. The difference between your higher count and their lower count is four (9 minus 5 equals 4), so that's the amount they have to cough up. Whether or not they'll be able to win it back on the next roll will depend entirely on the Dice. And this is as it should be!
  2. Sadly, online winnings are fully taxable so you must report gambling winnings, even those that didn’t have tax withheld. You might be able to deduct gambling losses. So, keep a record so you are able to report gambling winnings and deduct gambling losses with accuracy. To deduct gambling losses, you must provide records that show the amounts of both your winnings and losses, like: Receipts Tickets Statements Enter your winnings in the Form W-2G topic or as Other Income. To deduct gambling losses, you must itemize your deductions: Claim your gambling losses as a miscellaneous deduction not subject to the 2% limit. Your losses must be equal or less than the gambling winnings you reported as income.
  3. I would stay right where I am. My family is here my roots are here. I like the area. Our winters are not terrible, nor are our summers. We don’t get hurricanes or earthquakes, and rarely tornado’s. We don’t have much in the way of poisonous snakes or insects. We have friendly people. I have seen a lot of the world. I love Italy and France, enjoy visiting England and Holland. I find Russia and Ukraine to be wonderful and amazing. The pyramids were cool, Tokyo was amazing. The wonders of Thailand were something else. I have great memories of Switzerland and Austria. Even little Azerbaijan was amazing. I have been all over the Caribbean and the beaches and weather are wonderful. I had a friend who retired to the Cayman islands and was bored to death within a year. I would love to travel more but for a place to live, I am completely happy just where I am.
  4. I'm back to primedice! I lost my old login but I'm back, anyways this question came up the other day and the answers ranged from super simple to incredibly bizarre. So tell me: How did you get your name/handle? Mine came from a long time friend in the music biz named Ron "C" His album in 1995 was titled Coach4Life. I went with that for a while then it just got shortened to coach.
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    My favorite books of all time! “Peter the Great: His Life and World,” Robert Massie I try to read as much history as possible, and around Russia’s invasion of Crimea and Eastern Ukraine, I devoured this massive tome… and cheekily, I even sent the Russian language version to Vladimir Putin! He’s from St. Petersburg and likes to claim Peter the Great’s mantle. The revelation is that Peter was very progressive and Westward-looking. Massie is a fantastic historian-storyteller. I’ve also read his “Catherine the Great” and, of course, “Nicholas and Alexandra.” “The Sorrow of War: A Novel of North Vietnam,” Bao Ninh As a war correspondent, I have read many of the classic eyewitness accounts. I bought this book when I visited Vietnam in 1997. It’s one of the rare novels about that terrible war written from their perspective by a North Vietnamese student. It’s brutal, gut-wrenching, heartbreaking and desperately human. It’s also vital to remember that as much as the U.S. suffered on all fronts, Vietnam came off far, far worse. This book was first translated and sold in the West, 10 years before it could be published in Vietnam. “We Were Soldiers Once... and Young: The Battle That Changed the War in Vietnam,” Lt. Gen. Harold Moore and Joseph Galloway The flip side of the “The Sorrow of War,” this book is a brilliant and telling account of one brutal battle in Vietnam from the American perspective. Moore was the commander of soldiers who were airdropped into the jungle, only to be promptly surrounded and massively outnumbered by North Vietnamese troops. The reporter Joseph Galloway had rare access to the troops, witnessing this desperate battle for survival. I love it for the story of heroic journalism. It is why I so admire books like “Once Upon a Distant War,” by William Prochnau, which is the Vietnam War seen through the eyes of legendary correspondents like Neil Sheehan, David Halberstam, Peter Arnett and others of that generation, providing stark evidence of their courage and fearless contributions to history and truth. The story of a Zulu pastor and his son, set amid the horror of apartheid South Africa. It’s the tragic yet redemptive tale of human dignity, a beautifully woven story of that time. It was written in 1948, and I read it when I was at university in the early 1980s, when South Africa was the big moral story of the time. I longed to be a foreign correspondent and get out there. I also read, and wept through many performances of South African playwright Athol Fugard’s plays. But the images from this book stay with me, as does its amazing title. “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings,” Maya Angelou A deeply personal story of the brutalization of a whole people in the world’s most important democracy. This is the first Angelou book that I read, when I was much younger, and to this day I am unable to compute the breathtaking immorality of her (people’s) circumstances. I still cannot even imagine enduring and surviving that kind of pain and violence and injustice. It is as relevant and important today as ever. “Interview With History,” Oriana Fallaci Because I wanted to be her! She remains the greatest political interviewer of all time. I did not agree with her fierce post-9/11 diatribes, but no one can touch her for the fearlessness and deep knowledge she brought to all her important interviews. I wish I had been there when she ripped off her head scarf during an exclusive interview with Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary leader Ayatollah Khomeini. This book should be required reading for all journalists today!
  6. "I'm almost of the opinion that I don’t care what path is chosen for bitcoin. I just want something to happen. Bitcoin's been in this deadlock for two years. I'm a supporter of SegWit. I’m a supporter of a hard fork to a larger block size." "[Bitcoin] Core is refusing to do anything in the short term that will actually increase capacity. If you want to talk about price, talk about transaction fee price." "It looks like the way both sides are communicating, a fork is going to be inevitable. The real fight is going to be who gets to be called 'bitcoin'." "In the end, this might be for the better. Bitcoin might be good as it is right now. Core can't get SegWit, and startups can't get 2MB, that just reinforces the idea that bitcoin is really immutable." -Wise men 2k17
  7. Welcome to primedice! Here are some tips written by my buddy to make your English better! Find your motivation Like any goal, learning a language is always easier and more fun if you have a reason to do so. Be sure to remain focused on that reason, since it will help get you through the times when learning seems hard. For example, do you want to learn English to et a job? To travel? To impress a girl or guy in your class? Or do you want to learn it simply because it isn’t easy, because it’s a challenge? Whatever your motivation is, be sure not to lose sight of that motivation. You should also recognize that you may have more than one reason for learning English, and that motivations may adapt or change with time. Work hard and play hard The tips above have hinted at this idea, but it’s important to say it: learning English is so much better if you make it fun. You should try to make a game out of it, whether that means literally playing board games to learn English, or finding ways to include gamification in your English learning. This is admittedly a strange example, but in the movie “Billy Madison,” Billy is studying with his girlfriend Veronica (don’t worry, that video clip is safe for work). If he gets an answer correct, she takes off an item of clothing. So even though I wouldn’t necessarily recommend the “strip studying” method, I do approve of the spirit of the exercise, since Billy found a way to make studying fun and interesting for him! Get lots of input now for the future You’ve certainly noticed that in all your language classes, there’s a period of time when you do a lot of listening and some reading. That period usually comes before you start speaking and writing. Well, that’s a natural way of learning something new. Before you can start doing it yourself, you have to see and understand how it’s done. There’s an idi0m for this, too: “Don’t put the cart before the horse.” This means that sometimes you have to do things in the right order. In this case, it means getting as much input as you can first, and not stressing out about your output (which is speaking and writing)—at least not at the beginning.
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    Dream car

    There was a time when my dream car was any new car like an experimental or concept car such as Henry Ford’s Quadricycle and Ransom E. Olds earliest Oldsmobile in which the powertrain, starting system, steering, and suspension needed to be evaluated. However, as cars became more advanced and more common any new design was less experimental, having perhaps an engine with new manufacturing methods tested in a car with otherwise proven technology. Then along came Harley Earl who reinvented the concept car in the late 1930s, though it was simply labeled “experimental” at the time. The concept car often exhibits multiple advanced ideas and to be truly accurate the term should probably be “concepts car.”Harley Earl’s Buick Y-Job was a radical car for its time, though not so radical as to be unappealing to the public. It is generally recognized as the first modern concept car due to the multiple advanced ideas incorporated into its overall design. In the case of the Y-Job it was built with advanced styling and advanced mechanical features, though under its hood was simply an improved version of Buick’s “Dynaflash” straight-eight which had been in use since 1931.
  9. Well, as you can see in this table, if you use the 7.77% as you mentioned, to be able to have at least 1 satoshis profit in each bet, you would need a 4 satoshis minimum bet and multiply your bet by 4x every time you hit a red, which would only "start to be safe" after 16 reds but to be able to cover all these reds you would need a 60 BTC balance.. yeah, 60 btc balance to cover 4 satoshis base bet (you can check any strategy you want in this site https://dicesites.com/tools) And well, by "studying your seed" I mean that you need to pay attention in your rolls (you can auto bet but never leave your computer for so long) and check which side your seed is going most (under, over or middle) and then check which strategy can be better for you to follow your seed moves and, of course, your bal!
  10. If you want to do it here click account settings then account security and then add a google authentication to your account. Hopefully this works well for you, it worked fine for me on my last account, also make sure not to lose or reset your phone unless you have the backup phrase. That's what messed me up and caused me to lose my primedice account sadly haha.
  11. Trading may be a good idea if you can find good deals, while investing is probably not a good idea at all. Why? You may ask, well, that's because most investments that deal in bitcoin are scams, ponzis, hyip's and such, All of those types of things are out to steal your coins and never return them.
  12. Thanks for the advice! It's really appreciated! I now realize that it's the fee and not the wallet thanks to you so that's good to know. I thought that some wallets sent faster, but they might just be sending with higher fees. And thanks for letting me know about cold wallets, I plan to use them in the near future.
  13. How much should I bet if I want to win 0.25 bitcoin without too much of a risk but still get a good reward? Not trying to be incredibly ballsy...or maybe I am! Anyways any suggestions? I won't pin it on you if I loose, promise! Thanks all for your help for a new member of the community who was an old one but got his account info lost! I really appreciate any help as I want to make this amount asap.
  14. A friend I have showed PD to me, he even gave me a script for a bot for dice. I used the script, but was dissatisfied. Days later, I already learned how PD worked. Didn't used the bot that time and tried betting on the site. Rolled and rolled until I experienced my first bust. And now, I am more addicted than my friend. I just don't know if he's still playing I joined PD a few years ago, hoping that I can recover what was scammed to me. And no, I didn't recover, I loss more money instead. But I didn't care, as long as I'm enjoying the experience, and I am big time! It's quite awesome in my opinion!
  15. I just got back on after having lost my old account. I've been playing for years, however. My biggest win was ~0.25 btc ~a year ago. It was worth $600 or so if I remember correctly at the time. It was awesome for me to gain this much, but of course in the long run I lost it like a stupid gambler. I hope to one day be a smarter gambler and make huge gains, but for now I can live with 0.25 btc profit if I ever hit it again!