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  1. For all gamblers i am proud that im filipino but just what everyone say were beggars i dont think that i accept that.... as filipinos were nice... finding some friends but not to think we begg... ffffffff but its their opinion maybe some beg but not all are filipinos...........
  2. ur the one making the game start..... then what this post mean toyou is it carlooch you pointing out? im not kid could not understand dont understamate me......... udont nkow me...... i love playing games...as i said im gambler of all games.... f************ can u undestand wat u sayin? scroll up so u have a clue.......... no need to wonder it was obvious.... ---->this post u have a clue? wat it means?
  3. nice bro.. not like any people here negga mind...... watdafuq y i am to blame if someone bust? not you carlooch daddey..... nyahahahahaha
  4. watdafuq strat.... nyahahahahaha yeah true kababayan lol...... if u stick just 1 strat ull be bust... but changing strat maybe works.. i prove my 10k to 0.01 methods many strat that i cant remember.... lol
  5. y is someone inserting? wtf maybe need an attention?????? go to the mirror first bfore judging another person........... f*************
  6. cause ur the troll.... nyahahaha jk
  7. martingale strat is risky but with luck it profitable
  8. Does changing seeds really works to roll a green bet? or just makes your red streaks more?
  9. username: trigon00 lol im new here in forum