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  1. It is not a "con" of bitcoin but every speculative asset out there.
  2. UltraChief


    This is not directly disclosed. You have visit the forum in the different sections and find out yourself. I am sure that if you dont think of the forum as a farming ground but a place for constructive discussion you would be able to figure that out. Make sure you read the forum rules and guidelines and good luck on your rolls.
  3. I have heard the same old story for every other shitcoin out there. End of the day all are the same. Everyone is ready to suck the money of investors. Paying off your own privacy is thing that people dont care about today or are least interested in.
  4. Welcome to the primedice forum. Make sure you read the forum rules and guidelines before you start posting - which I am sure you already know of from stake forum. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Good luck on your rolls.
  5. Contact the live support team from the lower right corner of your screen - bubble icon. You can also contact them on email - support@primedice.com
  6. Centralized shitcoins cannot be compared to decentralized ones. Libra is backed by the mainstream conglomerates of the world and soon their users will become crazy about it forgetting that they are giving away their own privacy in the name of coins which are ultimately worthless.
  7. When a block is mined, the block subsidy is divided among the miners who contributed their hashpower in mining that block proportionally. Once all the blocks get mined the miners will only mine the transaction. Because the miner is like a third party in the consensus of agreeing to the transaction being done between the parties involved. They will still be paid miner fees though.
  8. There is nothing you can do. Format your device and built it from scratch again. Make sure you do something preventive this time though.
  9. Install an adblocker on your browser, get a proper antivirus if you are using Windows device or switch to Linux if you want. These are basics to keep any sort of malware out which are important rather than pondering over the encryption.
  10. I am afraid I am not sure what the issue is. Hence I will tag @Dan to check your forum account for clarification. Hope that helps.
  11. Stop using cloud services to store private keys. They are never safe enough. You would want to have them in a hard copy somewhere physically safe.
  12. Are you sure about that? How many such posts did you make that you didnt get credited for and you should know that not every section of the forum is having forum rewards applied to it.
  13. Begging from support or mods is like giving yourself a selfmute.
  14. The conglomerates of the world are trying to get their hands on crypto and use that for their own gain while banning the promotion of other crypto from their platform. A nice strategy indeed. Everybody should learn from them on how to market their organized scams.
  15. Bitcoin transactions as they say are pseudo-anonymous. There are mixers which help adding more randomness to transactions but they can still be traced by blockchain forensics. Use of multiple addresses is another way to prevent tracking. Altcoins like Monero is again not allowing the viewing of amounts sent so that is another privacy feature though not related to bitcoin.
  16. Talk about stake in stake forum. Locking this thread now.
  17. Welcome to the primedice forum. Make sure you read the forum rules before you start posting and take you time to check every section of the forum. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Good luck on your rolls.
  18. Report them. They will be taken down immediately and users warned. Most moderators only comment when it is needed to. If you need help, PM them. If you need something checked, report it. False statement. You have/had zero warnings on PD forum. Stop lying. Of course, and the forum is getting moderated on its own, right? 😁 This is also a wrong statement. Please read the forum rules once again. Posting a referral link under a clean link will lead to a warning because that is against the forum rules. Live support is not there to help you with these issues. PM the moderator who gave the warning point in such cases if you think it was not warranted for. But for breaking a forum rule obviously it wont be removed for a certain point of time.
  19. Your chances of winning remain the same whatever you do. Unless you manage to hack PD.
  20. The server seed is secret and the client seed is known. If you want to verify your bets you can unhash the server seed to get a new active server seed (hashed) and now use the older pair of obtain server seed and known client seed to verify bets on a third party websites. So you know that none of the bets you placed till now were rigged. This is how provably fair works. Rest of the stuff posted in this thread is pretty much the delusional false assumptions of disgruntled gamblers.
  21. Anything is possible practically. You can run a 1.01x and get multiple reds if you are having a bad day. Its rare but it can happen. In other words, the game is determined by your luck and you can verify every roll to be fair and unbiased. You are having a delusion that the devs are manipulating your bets. No such thing is true even if it seems true because you feel it will sooth your mind. We humans tend to think like this when you are having an emotional outburst, the opposite of logical thinking.
  22. Absolute nonsense. The odds remain same for every roll. If you have any doubt about the integrity of this site, you should go through what provably fair is, how it works and how to verify the bets that you place. Instead of listening to what addicted gamblers who lost money because of their habits, use your own eyes to see what is right and wrong.
  23. Then people will complain and accuse primedice of putting up fake stats in order to do marketing. Even though that is not true, but people will say it because they like to believe it. It is not a simple job to run a casino this big in name and user-base.
  24. These puzzles are notorious of putting up wallet.dat files and promise a prize for cracking the password. Over-enthusiastic people download and attempt to crack it and sadly finds out it is a malware used as a lure to trap them. By that time it is too late.