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  1. People used to criticize the staff for showing only the amount won and not the amount lost. They called it "fake advertising" to lure people to the site. if you were running a gambling site, would you have liked such comments? Definitely not and hence it was decided to be removed. Its not a easy job keeping people who visit this casino happy and content even after they lose money here. These people will try to make PD look bad at whatever reason they can think of.
  2. Use the coinswitch API on primedice Deposit button for exchanges. I am no longer doing exchanges. Locking this thread.
  3. Nice balance I must say. Was the balance always like that after completing a rolling spree?
  4. Its rare to find such good friends. I have happy that you have such a friend who is helping you like this.
  5. If you dont have access to that wallet then how are you going to access the wallet when you are in need of that money?
  6. If it was possible to make 1BTC every day by any method then people would not be working hard to earn money. In fact the entire world runs because its people needs money to feed their families. Making money is not something that happens by magic or luck. On dice games you are basically trying your luck and so if that does not work out for you then you would be losing your money. There is no "shortcut" to making money. If there was then people would not be working hard at all and everyone would be getting their daily bread like charity throwaways.
  7. Welcome to the primedice forum. Make sure you read the rules and guidelines of this forum carefully before you start posting. If you have any questions regarding them feel free to ask. Good luck on your rolls.
  8. Contact the support team via their email support@primedice.com and explain the situation. They will help you out.
  9. You will receive a response from our Admin team soon. Please be patient. Use the support email to send them an email and reset your password to primedice account - support@primedice.com
  10. Can you try sending me a PM and check if that goes through?
  11. A strategy will not save a person from getting busted. There are no games that are going to give you unlimited winning because then casino would go bankrupt. But is that happening? No. That means that in the long run any method you use to play the odds never change and you will either lose your entire balance of make a huge amount out of it.
  12. Hello cryptomonkey, Which account are you currently trying to access the site from? The one that is linked to your forum account is currently unmuted. Please let us know so we can check.
  13. I hope you all know that many times people make coins just for fun and following a trend that has no future and is eventually going to crash. I consider that as something that is unethical and an attempt to fool people into investing in it. However most experienced people dont fall for these scams and one of probably signs of such scams is a big premine held by the developers - which is going to be dumped when the devs decide to abandon the project once and for all. In the past there has been projects like that and they continue to happen even today.
  14. Have you tried using an excel spreadsheet for the same thing? It might seem to you that I am missing out on the point but it can be a good exercise if you are willing to learn how excel can be used to keep track or wins. Many traders use it for keeping track of their investments and you can do the same too for gambling. I have seen sports bettors use excel spreadsheets for their analysis as well. You could give this a try. Would be worth your time to learn something new and productive and be ahead of the devs in case they like your idea.
  15. After all gambling is not something that you should take as a mode of earning. It should be kept to being a mode of entertainment.
  16. This will not be disclosed because the forum wants you to explore all its sections and participate everywhere in all discussion without any discrimination. It is secret for the same reason. Locking this thread now.
  17. Welcome to the Primedice forum. Make sure you go through the forum rules and guidelines once before posting and feel free to ask any questions if you need assistance. Good luck with your rolls.
  18. Doubts appear because we are all humans and we tend to question our beliefs when investing in something that we dont understand properly. To prevent this we should have a sound understanding of what bitcoin is and go through its whitepaper. Then put your money into it. Same goes for other coins as well. However you can be assured one thing that bitcoin will go up in future there is no doubt about that because of its deflationary nature. Most of the other coins di crash because of the long bear market only showing that their potential is only following the bitcoin price. Other coins are good for small term or mid term profits. But bad cycles happen and can lead to bad losses but this should not dishearten the trader who is rooted to the belief. If you dont like it anymore and find it having a bad toll better to stay away from trading.
  19. Practically speaking the number of reds can be infinite in any multiplier. But theoretically its less than that. You can use the !odds commands in the chatbot to get the odds but you will have to prepare for the losses as well in order to keep rolling before you end up busted. LOL thats not needed at all. This is a forum for discussion. No need for any rewards to anybody for help.
  20. PD does not monitor your bets. If they did then the bets that you make would not have been verifiable by third party verifiers. Please abstain from making such claims and if you are not happy with the results that you get from betting I suggest you control your playing habits.
  21. Wallets allow you to choose the amount to send. Mining fee is deducted from the balance that is available apart from the balance to send from that same wallet. If you lack any more coins after choosing the amount to send, in your wallet, the transaction will not go through because you have insufficient balance for paying the mining fee. Never ever does the mining fee deduct from the amount being sent.
  22. You seem to be commenting without reading what is already written. The OP (opening poster) does not know about the coinswitch API on primedice which was added to facilitate easy conversion between altcoins to deposit with them.
  23. We have coinswitch as an official exchange on primedice deposit button. Mutecoins are priceless actually They are rare to find. That makes the mute a totally pointless thing.
  24. @PIPOS Please provide a proof of your claim in PM. I am locking this thread unless you can provide any because making such thread with no substantial content is considered as an abuse of the forum reward system.
  25. Just looking at gains you cannot judge is it is a good coin for future or not. BCH was created by Rog Ver who is a rich guy but was also the liar who called BCH to be the real bitcoin and tried to pump its price and led to some mining hashwars. Not something I would suggest others to buy. Rog Ver and his shenanigans are not to be trusted.