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  1. Every site will have problems. That does not mean Binance does not have any problem or it is a full-proof site. Such a thing does not exist. And it is the exchange with the biggest listing fees. These exchanges feed on huge amounts of listing fees for every currency and that is what came into investigation some time back. No exchange out there is pure as gold.
  2. Update: As per the words of Electrum developers, any version above 3.3 will not allow connection to any public server (which was the root cause of this phishing attack). Read more about it here : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5120865.0
  3. We now have a in-game exchange system. Please look into this thread to know more :
  4. You should visit the sister site of Primedice for other games. Primedice is only about dice.
  5. Beta version is already up which has patched this exploit. It is written in the opening post.
  6. Primedicers please go through this if you are using WinRAR of version below 5.70 and have bitcoin in a wallet on the same computer. A 19 year-old flaw was discovered by Check Point which affects WinRAR version 5.70 and below. This flaw can be exploited and used to drop a payload on your computer which loads on startup to steal your balance. It happens when a unpatched WinRAR version is used to open a fake ACE file disguised as a rar file but containing a malicious program. If you use WinRAR please update it to the latest version which is the beta 5.70 (or higher if by the time you read this new version has been pushed in), or use an alternative to WinRAR for opening .rar files and/or compression purpose. More info can be found here : https://threatpost.com/winrar-flaw-500-million-users/142080/ https://cryptodailygazette.com/2019/03/08/bitcoin-under-attack-winrar-exploit-can-make-millions-of-victims-patch-it-now-or-lose-crypto/
  7. They are not the same. Dicebot allows you to program strategies yourself or play pre-installed modes. Its much easier to track rolls and big hits on rare multipliers using it.
  8. I have moved to topic to "Offtopic" since it had nothing to do with discussions related to primedice - where it was originally post. Suggest you to read the forum rules and guidelines once and understand them properly.
  9. Please make topics in the proper sections allotted for them. Making topics in wrong sections without having gone through forum rules in future will lead to a warning point and/or restriction in posting. Moving this topic to "Offtopic" now.
  10. First you need to amass money in order to by those 100bitcoin. Overt pump will always be followed by a overt dump. A 10x would not occur without an extreme reason. But I guess thats good for a dream.
  11. I am yet to find that hypothetical one that would be a legit business. Even genesis mining is a borderline pyramid scheme which gives out money from other sources and not just mining because the profitability dropped a lot with the bear market. You can literally find every new cloud mining operation listed on badbitcoin.org as a scam site. Again they support genesis and I dont believe that genesis is legit 100%. Maybe to some extent but I would never part with my precious bitcoins to any operation out there.
  12. That is no proof at all. A site that is shown to have provided withdrawals in past may shut down in future. In fact most scam cloud mining sites will do this as a tactic to attract people to put their money in. They run using a HYIP/MLM pyramid scheme that is based on paying the new investors with the older investors money. The only way to mine today is to build your own mining rig or invest in a mining rig with known people as a joint venture. Cloud mining = scam, always.
  13. So many of the players hit that roll and its not new to be won. Several people before this has also rolled the number and won. If you dont like to participate dont bother to comment here at all. I wonder if you really have any insight to give in instead of an upcoming downvote to my post like you often do.
  14. Whats so special about Binance? Every other exchange out there is also operating in the same manner. Also why do you think LTC is going to pump in future other than natural deflationary change in price?
  15. Answer to that is in the quote itself. Withdraw all your coins after completion of a trade.