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  1. UltraChief

    Ripple(XRP) in white house decisions ?

    You should edit your title first because Ripple is XRP and XLM stands for Steller Lumens. What you have heard about XRP would be nothing but speculation rumors. The thing about ripple is that it is centralized and thus people have the common notion that its controlled by banks. It is possible that some people might manipulate its prices but this also comes from competition with other altcoins namely Litecoin and ethereum.
  2. UltraChief

    Hi guys, I'm EW3GIL

    Hello and welcome to primedice forum. Make sure to read the rules properly before posting. Good luck on your rolls.
  3. Great so now tipping will be back to what it was and people can bank amounts in their vaults. No longer will we see the problem associated with "no banks in chat please" and rain abuse due to it.
  4. UltraChief

    What if you Were "Blindedbytheli" ?

    I dont know if you all have checked this player's stats, but they are in red now, meaning they have lost more than they have wagered.
  5. Being 2FA locked I would say its a better alternative to store funds for temporary purpose than another account. Its always a problem for logging in to two accounts to send funds from one to another.
  6. UltraChief

    Latest Win 200 ETH

    Locking this topic because it is being discussed here - https://forum.primedice.com/topic/34410-what-if-you-were-blindedbytheli/
  7. UltraChief

    More than 1 challenge per week

    Organizing one challenge and then checking bets is one tough job for the staff itself and they dont just focus on primedice but also stake. So running two challenges would be out of question unless pd hires more staff specifically for this purpose.
  8. UltraChief

    House always wins

    The fact that the house cannot be beaten is mathematically provable. Run any strategy for a long simulation and you will see it always gets wiped out. Besides if it was possible then casinos would not exist.
  9. UltraChief

    Investing in PrimeDice

    This has been suggested several times previously but has never been done so I would not hold my breath.
  10. UltraChief

    Hello All friends

    Welcome to the primedice forum. Make sure to read the rules and good luck on your rolls. Use the "Dice" icon on the toolbar above when you are posting a message.
  11. UltraChief


    No I dont understand a word of what you are saying. Please try to reproduce what you problem in a proper manner of nobody would be able to help.
  12. UltraChief

    Hello everyone

    Hello and welcome to the primedice forums. Make sure you have read the rules of the forum and good luck on your rolls.
  13. UltraChief

    Are you a successful gambler

    If you are still here it shows that you are still "unsuccessful" In fact there is nothing called success in gambling.
  14. UltraChief

    Is 'dicebot' an allowed program?

    Topic has been discussed at length. Hence locking it now.
  15. Read the first post instead of posting to ask.