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  1. Repayment received. Updating ledger and sending feedback.
  2. UltraChief

    Did you bought anything?

    Altcoins yes. Holding bitcoin for life now. It is until that urge to gamble again strikes you. If you have self control then you can do it and buy some coins for trading like I do.
  3. UltraChief

    Is it worth it to play 99.000x payout?

    It is not. Its just another method to waste your money. Be diligent about how you gamble and what you gamble on. How much money you can afford to lose and how much is you bank. Then only should you place a bet.
  4. UltraChief

    If you want to win big!

    As a general concept, any strategy is bound to fail in the long run because the odds in dice is against the player. Hence the house always wins. So use any strategy at your own discretion and caution.
  5. Repayment received. Updating ledger and sending feedback.
  6. UltraChief

    What would you do If u get 1k Ltc ?

    No. I would cash it all out and hold it till its price rises and then sell it for bitcoin. When I do sell though I would sell 60% of it and hold the rest. Trading>Gambling.
  7. Loan granted. Sending 300k from Bank. Repayment date - by 31st May 2018 Interest rate - 10% per day.
  8. UltraChief

    New on Primedice

    Welcome to the forum of Primedice. Glad you could find you way here. Have a great time and make sure not to spam. Good luck on your rolls.
  9. UltraChief

    What was your first impression of "Dicing"?

    Have you observed the price change in bitcoin since the year 2013 to the year 2018? Have you see the influx of beggars into the site who are here to spam the faucet all day and even abuse it? The faucet reduction was a radical but a final step to cope with these things. I hope faucet actually get removed in future.
  10. UltraChief

    Bitcoin Price before end of May

    Price dropping and it is a good time to buy. You never know when price will rise again. You can buy a small or big volume now and hold it to sell later this year.
  11. Repayment received. Updating ledger and sending feedback.
  12. UltraChief

    "Ritual" I Won .😂

    Its upto you if you want to post bet id or not but it would be good if you do.
  13. UltraChief

    "Ritual" I Won .😂

    I will tell you what it was. It was not god. It was luck and pure luck. After winning though you should thank your lucky stars. There is exactly zero effects of any "ritual" or so. Come on we are living in the 21st century of science and people still believe in spells and witchcraft. It was just your luck. By the way, post your bets here so everyone else can get an idea of what happened.
  14. I got this gem today : "Who gonna wants rain coz i would like to pee!!" All posts above this post have been added to OP.
  15. UltraChief

    Any strategy for faucet gambling?

    The faucet us for testing the site and learning how to roll. It is not made to win money from the site. Ideally you should deposit to play but primedice admins are lenient enough to let users withdraw whatever wins they get from faucet provided they reach minimum withdraw. Do not abuse the faucet because doing so will result in a ban.