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  1. UltraChief

    Rewarding Ways + Payment proof

    Please keep the payment proofs in one thread as well as any new stuff that you want to add. I merged the new topic here for that. Keep one thread for everything and not make multiple threads for the same.
  2. UltraChief

    Warning and example. (no advertisement)

    If they really had a method to make endless money then these casinos would go bankrupt. People who fall for these scams really dont have any common sense or any grey matter left in their cranium.
  3. UltraChief

    Which is more proffitable?

    Both primedice and stake have games which are based on some house edge. Its not really about profitability because both are having an EV- setup,, meaning the house will always win in the long but you may get lucky.
  4. I would not support any idea that makes people differentiate between new members and old members. If someone wants to know they can click on the profile and know but showing that the person is new something that is against the basic ideology of this community. Same goes for VIPs, there have been people begged every minute they enter the chat because they have VIP tags and its a horrible experience for them.
  5. A way to identify the mods who are online is obviously very helpful for the high rollers specially because of all the beggar PMs they tend to receive which we unfortunately have no control over. Better not to accept friend requests from people who you see quoting your name when you have the flame or newly registered members who never contribute to the chat. Again I like to keep my online status in "stealth" so that people in chat who are waiting to beg do so publicly and then we can catch them. But again turning off PMs from non-friends and using the ignore button more often is often helpful.
  6. UltraChief

    Introducing bitcoin to your family members

    This can be related by several other communities in this world. Bitcoin does seem like a financial "elite" among other people who are not at the same level of economy, education, life expectancy or standard of living. But at least you could try telling them about it. Maybe crypto should not be the first focus. Slow and steady would be good and if you introduce them to the internet first then it will be a good way to go. Calling something a lie comes from ignorance and non-willingness to accept new things and changes - which is an overall inert attitude often seen in majority of humans. This can change if taught in the proper way.
  7. Well if you continue with that you will soon drain your balance on the vault as well. That would be no different from busting what you happened to win.
  8. UltraChief

    Introducing bitcoin to your family members

    But if its illegal there why are you using it at all? Does it not cause any legal problems?
  9. I believe English is not your native language and you are using a translator to post. What do you mean by "rate of rates" ? Or were you trying to convey some other idea?
  10. UltraChief

    Hey PD!

    Hello and welcome to the primedice forum. Make sure to read the rules and forum guidelines before you start posting and if you have any questions feel free to ask. Good luck on your rolls.
  11. Hello everyone, There is an upcoming fork of the Ethereum blockchain named Constantinople Hard Fork dated to happen on January 16, 2019. I would discuss a few points regarding this in case you are new to this "forking" events and are confused about what to do to prepare for it. Hard fork is when there is split of the original blockchain in two separate blockchains, in general like the previous hard fork a few years back which led to the formation of Ethereum and Ethereum Classic. However for this hard fork the miners have not yet shown any deviation from a general consensus of a single blockchain and thus till now there will be only one chain to be followed namely Ethereum even after the upcoming hard fork. About the advantages that Constantinople hard fork there are some changes that will happen with forking: Constantinople will delay the difficulty--bomb that is about to happen later this year when POW moves to POS for the network. Reduction of mining rewards from 3ETH/block to 2ETH/Block Constantinople also includes 2 further upgrades – EIP 145 and EIP 1052 – which will improve ease-of-use for smart contract development and streamline certain operations within ethereum’s code. You can read about these here : https://www.coindesk.com/what-to-expect-when-ethereums-constantinople-hard-fork-happens What you should do before the fork happens : If you have your ether in a wallet whose private key is under your control like Mist, MEW or a hardware wallet then nothing. Yes you dont need to do anything. Let the fork happen and await further news from the developers if any. If you have ether in your exchange, then some are going to support he fork and you should look if they are allowing that otherwise withdraw them to a wallet over which you have control. In general its always safer to keep coins in your own wallet than the exchanges. What you should NOT do: Do not trust anyone asking you to send their coins to wallet address posted on twitter or any website. Those are scams and will lead you to losing your funds. There are already several of them being made viral to scam innocent people. There have been some scam "forks" already being promoted on bitcointalk. Never send your private keys to anybody who claims to help you in the fork if you give them the private key. Under any situation do not panic about the fork or ask strangers on forum or telegram groups for help. You will get scammed by them Do no fall for any "doubling deals" - remember that Greed will kill << Wise words by wise people. I will try to update this post will more information as time passes and if any relevant news is posted. In the meantime feel free to ask questions if you have any.
  12. UltraChief

    If someone accidentally tips you 1 Btc?

    There have been topics like this in the past : https://forum.primedice.com/topic/25994-what-would-you-do-if-you´ve-got-mistipped-a-big-amount-like-happened-to-me-today/ Please use the search option at times to look up such topics before making a new one. However I agree that this topic did take me some time to find out and so I wont lock this topic but allow the discussion to continue for some time.
  13. UltraChief

    My Gambling is so good

    Thread is being locked now since the OP's actions are suspicious. Do not trust anybody on the site and/or send money to them who claim to have a huge balance due to some "unfailing" method. Locking this now.
  14. UltraChief

    My Gambling is so good

    If that was true then mathematicians would have make the site go bankrupt. But that didnt happen even today. So now use your common sense and capitalize on your gains before you bust it
  15. UltraChief

    My Gambling is so good

    Is the setting on your screenshot the one you are currently using? I dont see any other description so I guess thats all. But be careful though because its not always about strategy its more about luck.