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  1. @Taving Can you read what is written above, specially the part written in bold? ^
  2. Locking this thread since the amount of rain begging has decreased a lot now. Looks like the thread served its purpose well.
  3. UltraChief

    An expert said that Xrp is not a cryptocurrency

    Well those who dont undestand the nitty-gritty of trading will speak like this. If you did not sell at the pump then you have lost it. It does not matter to a hardcore trader whether the coin is worth any ethical issue or not but we care about the profit. Ripple has been FUDed every few months and that is holding back its growth if you ask me. It needs more people to invest into it rather than exiting it.
  4. Repayment received. Sending feedback and updating ledger.
  5. UltraChief

    Ponzi-Scheme owner offers to pays back

    Well he has scammed a lot of Indians by his ponzis in past. I would take this with a grain of salt since he has only "offered" to pay back and not paid anything back yet. Past experience with cloud mining MLM/HYIP scams have taught people that those who come back to reimburse scammed money are often going to double scam the victim.
  6. Loan granted. Sending 200k satoshi from Main. Repayment date - by 26th July, 2018 Interest rate - 10% per day.
  7. Most governments want to censor crypto and not promote it. Very few cases are there where crypto has been given an all clear. In most countries governments question the legal implications of crypto.
  8. Repayment received. Updating ledger and sending feedback.
  9. Loan granted. Sending 100k satoshi from Main. Repayment date - by 25th July, 2018 Interest rate - 10% per day.
  10. Looks like you did not read the rules of the forum before posting. If you are going to post a bunch of pics and links without any description then you are inviting us to mark you as spammer. Please provide a description in the OP about what you are posting. Again while doing so do not plagiarize content from the medium articles or so.
  11. UltraChief

    [30 Days Challenge] - Road to 0,082 BTC

    OP left the site after 2days and this was a month back. I dont think he is having a profit otherwise he would have posted it here..
  12. UltraChief

    Best BTC exchange in USA?

    I guess OP was asking for buying bitcoin for fiat. Or in other words, fiat to crypto exchange.
  13. UltraChief


    You can avoid such mishaps by double (or even triple) checking the username, the amount and the currency that you are tipping. For trusted people it wont be an issue but not everyone here is truthworthy....
  14. UltraChief

    420BlazeItFgt - defaulted on loan

    @420BlazeItFgt Did not contact me yet nor did he respond to any messages. Please ban his accounts till he shows up with money to pay me back at which point he can be allowed back to access the site.
  15. UltraChief

    From Primedice to Stake

    You should ask @Carollzinha for this. She does these type of exchanges.