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  1. I mainly buy altcoins from people. Sorry but I cant help you with this exchange.
  2. UltraChief

    Bitcoin cash got a forum like bitcointalk

    Please exercise caution before signing on such forums which tend to look similar to other popular sites. Being SEOed, they will be indexed and quite possibly they will be collecting credentials from every user. Use different passwords and usernames if you decide to sign up otherwise there is always a risk of accounts getting hacked.
  3. UltraChief

    Are you gambling addicted or not?

    You should not gamble in front of your guests. Thats just plain wrong. They will get a bad impression of your character. Also if you are the host then you should be attending the guest and not indulging in other activities.
  4. That would be an immediate red flag, Claiming to be someone is going to fool the newbies though. They are so gullible. I would not be surprised if people fell for them. It has become a trend now to refer a huge percentage ROI to cryptocurrency and so as to make their claims legitimate, they refer to bitcoins 20k USD price as an example. Same old bitcoin doubling schemes. Greed kills like they say.
  5. UltraChief

    Doge Game

    Until payment proofs are given I would recommend others to exercise due caution before joining the site.
  6. UltraChief

    Doge Game

    It would be better if you can provide the payment proof. We have seen too many sites like these faucets and ponzi/MLMs which have scammed people.
  7. Do you have any proofs to support your claim? Otherwise this is just pure speculation. Do provide us the info about where you got this insight from since that would be valuable for each and every one of us.
  8. If you dont have the patience to hold for a few months then you should not buy/sell cryptocurrencies. Think of the people who bought bitcoin at 100$ 7years back and sold them when price hit 20k $. The level of profit that can be made with the long term patient holding of bitcoin is immense. I am expecting a pump around December this year but it may come earlier as well. Patience is the key here. If you lose patience then you will lose money.
  9. Not always. A pump and dump within a certain price range happens everyday and you can study it yourself by keeping an eye on the market price charts. But crypto trading being highly speculative they tend to follow the news.
  10. That would be a wrong decision at the moment. If you check the price chart of XRP then this is temporary short pump. It will be dumped soon and by the time you buy it will start dumping and then you will to sit with your coins which will be below buying price. This is a time to sell for those who are holding XRP. Buying point was before this when market was red.
  11. UltraChief

    Iran allows import of mining hardware

    It wont move the hashrate too much. Mining itself has become a very low ROI investment since the time ASICs came into view. Back in 2010 when CPU and GPU were able to mine it was worth it. Now the market is highly competitive for miners and a single country allowing mining wont make make much difference because very few people would actually join it. If some group of miners start a ICO project to fund their mining scheme then it might have some good returns.
  12. UltraChief

    10+ forum post count

    If you make a post in a thread it will add up to your post count. There a several threads in the forum and you should be able to reach the more than 10 count very easily. Do not spam posts or pull up very old topics. Such posts will be removed. And welcome to the forum. Good luck on your rolls.
  13. UltraChief

    The best designer wins 0.1 Bitcoin

    It has been over long time now. As stated here : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4815383.msg44019535#msg44019535 Hence locking this thread.
  14. UltraChief

    📢 Loaning to be phased out!

    It was fun while it lasted. Personally I liked this opportunity to have had this experience for lending knowing its risky. Then again its not just the fault of the borrowers that the admins had to take a radical decision. The fault is also borne by the lenders who preferred not to do everything "by-the-book". I appreciate the decision taken by the admins. This was necessary because the staff were being unnecessarily hauled for every loan done on chat without following rules. I am just lucky that I managed to get profits while those who fell for their greed lost money. I will be archiving all the pages of my thread to make sure I have the data to back up in case some old defaulter decides to pay back. Thats the end of approximately a year of UltraBank.
  15. UltraChief

    Do you always show your winning bet id in chat

    People generally refrain from showing big wins in chat because it only attracts the beggars to start PMing and sending friend requests to that person. Obviously the person would not like it. Which is also why rarely HRs come to the chat but when they do a large number of "gambling advisers" will come to chat attempting to passive beg.