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  1. Yeah but for that, it should deliver the facilities too.
  2. Secureworks discovers phishing attack launched from North Korea, as Bitcoin Prices Soar. Source - https://goo.gl/45kfAy
  3. I agree to everyone after listing their statements but the question is will bank come to an end?
  4. I didn't mean don't hear what people say, what I actually meant is to hear them but do your part wisely and then only listen to your self before, then blaming others later. Experiences are to be learned on, not to rely on, and people mostly rely on, that's so what I meant to deny on. With respect.
  5. Rather than asking invest some time in analysis and make a strategy to put your money. Just a suggest don't go for the product, go for an idea.
  6. Hahahaha, No brother that's ain't my motto behind it, I first heard about it through my dad and I took that thing as casual as you, even knowing that he's a financial advisor LOL! but then my friend came into the story and same shit happened I did little research but it became boring for me as me being lazy and I never gave an F to other coins than BTC same thing we do when we love someone truly till the moment he F##ks your trust completely , and then again one article which had a tittle - Dash Hopes to Replace Bitcoin in the Future. Link - https://www.profitconfidential.com/cryptocurrency/dash/dash-price-prediction-2018-dash-hopes-replace-bitcoin/ after this I saw all the article related to dash on this website and how it replaced litecoin, where was it before and then made a lot of cross-checking by comparing it to CNBC, Forbes, coindesk, business insider etc and YOU KNOW WHAT things were (written) WAS not same but the meaning was. So that day I learned one thing which I have read and heard A LOT times but again I never gave an F as you did but remember brother "never judge a book by its cover" was something I just wanna say. With respect.
  7. Time to check DASH price every day BITCOIN is to be replaced.
  8. https://www.profitconfidential.com/cryptocurrency/ripple/xrp-price-forecast-16-nov-american-express-partnership/. The for which we were waiting for.
  9. Have a read let your thoughts pop up. https://www.profitconfidential.com/cryptocurrency/litecoin/ltc-price-forecast-14-nov-bitcoin-civil-war/
  10. @Serlite Ya that's true, it's all according to them, one wrong decision they make and thousands of users pay. I'm out of this, thank you so much for time and knowledge.
  11. Seriously? How I mean is this for real? it means the user doesn't have any choice rather than moving bitcoins to another wallet or selling it back to the exchange for the present rate after the fork is it so?
  12. As if we know it's gonna spit in two chains but what if a chain doesn't soak up maximum market would it be a loss for the bitcoin holder? Please explain. How is the next fork gonna impact people?
  13. @Serlite Just wanted to ask how it differs if the place and the application is different. For example, I have a friend from India in India they use app call zebpay to buy and trade bitcoins. So like after fork would the same thing is to be done as explained?
  14. Wow! Thank you for such a useful conversation. @Serlite @Carollzinha. I almost ended up with some of the major doubts I was having rather than posting for forums it's better to communicate directly. Thanks a lot.