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  1. thanks to all people inside primedice who are working for it's restoration. it just showing that this site is real. patiently waiting here.
  2. very good example to follow @Dan yea indeed that's the safest thing to do inorder to achieve goals. we just have patience thou. Come on and take it as a challenge start it now and give positive outcome after 38 days.
  3. o well that's my real me
  4. My real me. could hardly take picture of myself on my phone. How to stay slim? hahahaha
  5. very nice dmb, seeing real pics of people you just chat and now see it as they are real. good dade di do du. it so better if your family pic with wifey. maybe later i post mine if net gets better
  6. oh wow amazing crypto daddy.
  7. imagine if he put 10k bet, 150 rolls he still have almost 1btc profit. can't do that through out my life.
  8. amazing jbenjaminy. congratz and more winnings. youre soo good you deserve it
  9. Thank you Anne for sharing. Just forgot it's the month of love due to many activities on pile. Valentines Day? it's a HEART DAY.
  10. oh good achievement viktor. yeah awesome indeed. I hope i can hit too.
  11. yeah should be posted there but i cant post yet. i dont know maybe i havent met the requirements