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  1. PRIMEDICE, welcome back! :x

  2. Nice idea maybe is add top richest (most withdraw to pd) members tab, and u can set visible u account in this
  3. Hello, Referring to Happy Hours which the oldest players do not remember... Happy Rolls! Number of lucky roll is random (0 - 99.99), and every time is other. Lucky roll ending after 1 hour, or faster when have first (and last) winner. If player hit If any player hit For example, btw this thread is one big example. Minimum bet to apply is 1000 satoshi. Prize is faucet amount x level (1000 x 10 = 10,000) Only one winner, maybe minimum 1 times per week?
  4. Magisterek


    Hi, my suggest is about time since last post, i know its security and its very bad.. why? With some browsers you can spam and just open another topic in another tab (like me) and even though we do not create a post, we can not add a reply by "60 seconds"
  5. 100%? https://blockchain.info/tx/fbe4520bef7ec09ea3b4231a2ca10a3ef050a221521539d00be2bfdea9efe692
  6. Nice fake http://i.imgur.com/L98VtkN.jpg XDDDDDDD
  7. from my experinced, more men going to casino eg with friend etc, and girl just alone, it does not work out for them
  8. i think 99.9% are males PD have +10 respect for 3 girl in support (: