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  1. NewsBTC's Chief Editor, Yashu Gola interviews Etherecash COO Miguel Aguirre where Miguel talks about Etherecash P2P lending platform, explains how it works and how it differs from the rest
  2. It depends. For storage, I use a hard wallet. It's secure and convenient. For spending, a mobile app.
  3. in September we were surprised at 3.1k. now it's 11k, incredible
  4. According to CNBC, Amazon recently bought the domain names AmazonEthereum.com, AmazonCryptocurrency.com and AmazonCryptocurrencies.com. This decision is generating a lot of interest, especially since Amazon has said in the past that they will not be accepting cryptocurrency payments anytime soon. So, why would Amazon seemingly put a stamp of approval on cryptocurrencies in such a huge way? What Amazon Could Use the Domain Names For This is not the first time the company has been at the center of rumors related to cryptocurrency. There has been speculation in the past that Amazon would accept cryptocurrency payments, but those have remained rumors with Amazon stating that they were untrue on more than one occasion. But this recent step by the company further escalates the speculation. Could Amazon be shaping up to provide brokerage services for cryptocurrencies? It is also a possibility that Amazon might try to create its own digital currency system. Bitcoin’s success has seen a rise in many companies considering creating their own digital tokens. Why shouldn’t Amazon consider the option? Either way, Amazon is staying quiet, and promising nothing when it comes to cryptocurrencies. Amazon Interests Could Be a Stamp of Approval Over the years, Bitcoin and Ethereum have grown in value, attracting interest from investors all over the world. But many brick and mortar businesses, as well as online retailers, have yet to embrace blockchain. If Amazon’s interest in cryptocurrency leads to them embracing cryptocurrency payments, it is likely other retailers will follow suit. Blockchain technology has evolved in recent times to make the industry more reliable and transparent. The use of Smart Contract technology, employed by platforms such as the Ethereum-based Etherecash, has made payments and financial management through cryptocurrency more reliable and secure. Large companies like Amazon, particularly those with a large online presence, would do well to embrace cryptocurrency payments as a secure and reliable alternative to traditional forms of payment. Amazon Could Be Simply Protecting Its Brand Name While Amazon has denied plans to accept cryptocurrency payments on its platform, their latest action does spell that blockchain is becoming more mainstream. There is even a petition for Amazon to allow Litecoin payments on its platform, which Amazon has yet to respond to. There’s also a strong possibility that by purchasing the three domain names, Amazon is simply trying to protect its brand name. The company has in the past purchased Amazonbitcoin.com which redirects directly to Amazon.com. But even as we speculate, the fact that Amazon deems digital currencies important enough to take action indicates an investment opportunity. Amazon is essentially saying that there is space for investors to place their assets into cryptocurrencies. For other developing platforms, such as Etherecash, the move is a sign of the growing importance of cryptocurrencies for industries globally. There is still no indication that Amazon will allow digital currency support or that they intend to launch their own form of digital currency. But the speculation is enough to indicate the company is taking cryptocurrencies very seriously. So what do think? Is it just a matter of time before Amazon starts accepting?
  5. Dear friends! We have great news for you. If you were looking for a chance to meet us, here it is. We are going to the Blockchain Asia Summit, Singapore on 29th and 30th. See you there!
  6. The availability of capital has always been a bone of contention in the small business community. Of the many problems business owners face when it comes to lending, one of the most enduring is a lack of equality. There is a very large gap between capital available to white-male business owners when compared to women and minority owners. This diversity problem has, in turn, created a culture where minorities and women fear applying for capital. And when a 2016 Biz2Credit report indicates that women business owners are likely to receive loan approvals 33% less often than their male counterparts, the fear is understandable. Can we fix this clear inequality, or do women and minorities need to start looking elsewhere? Dissecting the Problem In an attempt to understand the problem and come up with solutions, the Small Business Administration conducted an initiative in 2016. At the end of the study, the SBA and other organizations that included the Library of Congress and Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business, concluded that the racial and gender makeup of boards was likely to affect race and gender investment recipients. The study’s findings also indicated that venture capitalists are also less likely to invest in people with diverse backgrounds. Considering the following breakdown of diversity in private equity and venture capitalist firms as detailed by TechCrunch, the future for minority borrowers seems bleak. -Only 8% of investing partners of active micro-venture firms are women -Women make up only about 7% of partners in the top 100 firms -87% of venture capitalists are Caucasian -89% of these venture capitalists are male Is the Solution to the Minority Lending Problem Diversity in Investment Boards? It is easy to think all that needs to be done is to diversify the investment boards and the minority problem will go away. But while the SBA has made recommendations to do so, there are some glaring problems with this solution. To begin with, the process of diversifying boards is not one that can be done overnight. It is a process that is bound to take years or decades before the investment community can get used to the idea. Without transparency in the borrowing process, it is also likely that the minority problem will not go away by simply diversifying the boards. Lenders have to be willing to be transparent about all aspects of the borrowing process. Regulation of the industry may come into play and that may also take years to implement. Fortunately, blockchain technology is coming to the aid of minorities by providing peer to peer cryptocurrency-backed lending. Millennials and Eliminating Bias through Tech Older millennials who have graduated into a struggling job market could very well be the next victims of the minority lending problem. Over 54% of millennials are looking to start their own businesses and up to 10% are young people of color. Without diversity and transparency in the current lending system, these young people could well have a very hard time accessing capital. But millennials more than any other group have been known quickly adapt to new technologies. Cryptocurrency, thanks to its naturally unbiased nature, may very well end the minority lending problem.
  7. TOR and VPN should help so that no one will track you
  8. Yes, every now and then when I have time I check it. it's like an addiction. you can't just don't check the price
  9. yeah, that what I thought. he seemed pretty calm. and, especially, when he lost 2 btc he was like "okay. that sucked" as if was no big deal
  10. little chance that BCH will ever surpass BTC in price. Bitcoin is digital gold after all. Bitcoin Cash is more like cash and better for transactions, though
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  12. We are happy to announce that our ICO starts less than in 3 hours. Our ICO will be held from 15 November until 19 December. We have a limited bonus of 15% for early contributors. Etherecash is a peer-to-peer lending platform connecting crypto and fiat currencies built on Ethereum We aim to ‘bridge the gap’ between those with access to finance and those without, eliminating borders, intermediaries and prejudices. Etherecash offers Lawyer Backed Smart Contracts which ensure the borrower and lender are legally secure. We facilitate loans against cryptos, giving you access to funds without needing to liquidate your cryptos. This helps you to maximise the potential of your assets. The Etherecash Crypto Debit Card is revolutionizing the way we spend, by giving you multiple options to spend your cryptos online, in-stores and for ATM withdrawals in local currency. Our website: https://etherecash.io/ Our whitepaper: https://etherecash.io/whitepaper/White Paper V1.0.pdf Our telegram: https://t.me/etherecashech
  13. bitconnect sounds too good to be true. and probably it is
  14. Only 5 hours left before our ICO is live



  15. yeah, it's easy to quit when you lost everything. but when you win, it's hard to stop. you can keep earning a lot and then just lose everything in a moment. the most important thing here is cold-blooded calculations for a long-term. you should not let emotions win over you. emotions that tell you that you got to raise the bet just because you feel lucky. my friend makes a living playing poker and that's basically what he told me once