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  1. No momo Unfortunately, I didn't manage to withdraw all of the funds I had in the best moment. I have cashed out around 0.09-0.1 BTC but later, I have lost the rest that was on the primedice account.
  2. I think that primedice forum may remind you facebook a little bit because the overlay has a little bit of blue color too. To be honest, I would say that this forum might be compared to some kind of social media website ( like facebook ) because it connects people, but those who are related to BTC gambling on primedice.
  3. The best row I have ever got on faucet? Well, I think that was the time when I made up from about 2600 satoshis to 0.85 but that was some time ago already For some reason, I cant catch this luck again when the BTC price went so high comparing it to the previous months.
  4. I think that most of the participants of this thread already know this, but the amount of hits is still pretty much determined by how many bets overall are you actually going to do. 0.01 rolls or 99.98 were not so rare for me, I would even say that they have occured for me pretty usually. I remember that I have l played once on 4950x payout, and I have actually got around 13 greens in 10000 bets
  5. To be honest, I dont see anything strange on this picture. We have seen many many players who have lost even more on that method, and nobody was moaning about it, just try to remind yourself the times when bitcoin price was far below 1000$. There was even more big losers over there, even with bigger value of the bitcoins that has been lost.
  6. Unluckily, currently I have a loss on primedice if i take under considering all my accounts. I have wasted around 0.5 bitcoins on this website, I hope that my recovery is close, because I have enough of being on negative profit.
  7. Well, Im pretty fresh on this forum but i have already found that many people are constantly spamming many boards, usually also on different accounts. Pay per post made it attractive for abusers, and Im think that everybody knows who exactly is doing most of the spam. I would like to see only constructive posts, when I have already found many posts that sound like 3-years old have made them up. Number one for me, is Tipsidy and his strange "younger brother" posts or something, I dont even know how to call that: https://forum.primedice.com/index.php?topic=1994.0 . I think that something like this should never exist at any thread.
  8. I dont think it is a good idea, we cannot see affiliate earning increase dramatically. However some kind of improvement would be a good idea, how about a slighlty higher commision rate for achieving specified goals, such as xxx number of refs?
  9. That is a really good streak, it happens sometimes for me to see 10 wins on 2x odd, but not so usually. Im glad you got green train with 0,1 bets I almost never bet 0.1 at 2x, only sometimes, like over here http://prnt.sc/ex29we
  10. My opinion is the same, high payouts are the best idea if you have enough funds. You can increase the risk slightly, to have a chance for more decent gains.
  11. 15 losses at 2x payout isn't much, it happens pretty usually if you bet a lot. My personal record was 26 in a row once
  12. Well, i think that the last time i played on happyhour was like 3-4 months ago or even more. Anyway I remember i played 6 time on it, but i never was able to collect any bitcoins from faucet
  13. Hrottie


    9900x is still a nice payout if you know what you are doing, also you need decent amount of funds to play on it for a longer time. I had some hits at 9900x, many times I would say. The moment when you get a green is really enjoyable, Im afraid I lost the ID of the bet, but i remember winning 0.17 on 9900x once.
  14. They are going to fix all bugs happening surely, dont you even worry about that. Im wondering what we will see in the "shop" tab, I hope something interesting Anyway it is a good idea to make up forum of such a kind because using bitcointalk.org primedice thread is kind of stupid, it has like over 1,000 pages of posts, so having your own forum is a wise move.
  15. What a big surprise my old friend, it was kind of obvious that faggo112 will try to take control over this forum He is doing the same thing here as in primedice, making many different accounts just to be not known as a gwapo on every of them. We still know who is who His style of typing is so easy to detect that both you and me dont have problem with that. It is not strange at all that some people are abusing this forum, this is because it was made pay-per-post forum right?