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  1. in this month i lose many satoshi on another site (freebitc)....incredible: 18 low number consecutive!!!
  2. and think that last year I sold 1 bitcoin to 800 euro ..... damn!!
  3. Me from Italy, in a Province of Naples!
  4. They remember me the backstreet boys....years 1998
  5. it' incredible! I think after the fork its value goes down..
  6. Can not i post? where can I read the forum rules to understand what I can do and what i don't can?thanks
  7. sorry, but i was a new user and I did not understand the mechanism. After i read better the post, i understand that the user name must be entered after the 5 post and 20. Sorry I also do not speak English very well and i dont understand ...
  8. bitcoin gold is alternative to bitcoin after fork?
  9. every 15 minutes. 1 million to claim! https://fadetoblk.space/?r=BRox7LDVwjCpWcb1myPiJrQgLBL4FLticw
  10. i think that this year Arsenal win Europa league. I play in antepost the vicotory of Arsenal together the victory of Psg in Champions league
  11. i like serie A..and i love Naples!!!!!!!
  12. ..but if see that event i win satoshi to use un primedice? sorry but i am a new user..
  13. ok, thanks fort the notice. In any case, this a beautiful site!!
  14. michelozzo


    i play houston winning Nba..this year are very strong!!
  15. I think that which will rise again..
  16. michelozzo

    Hi all

    My name is Mike. I am italian and i love bitcoin!!!!!!
  17. Someone can suggest a good faucet for accumulare blackcoin??
  18. Why the fees of this wallet are they so high ??
  19. Hi all. In the past i used primedice always playing the best and with the percentage of 90 percent of winning ..... But I've always lost. Do you have any advice to give me ??