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  1. What is the value of ripple now? Ripple/dollar.. or ripple/btc... thanks
  2. Free Litecoin (LTC) Faucet instantly payments on FaucetHub every 60 minutes Up to 0,25 Litecoins!!! from ref 25 % https://litecoin-faucet.com/?r=LUB5x7RFYYn3Q2qBLfnQdbvrSLmsxVtfbk
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    last month I did a crazy bet: 100 euro on Houston win nba quote 13
  4. michelozzo


    another loss for golden state
  5. I think that the message and posts profits for the giveway are all those we write after inserted nickname. Infact my doubt is: the posts an message that i write later are counted for giveway?
  6. Why rip?? i don't understand..
  7. same system of freebitcoin. Minimum withdraw 200 doge. Rcb with the refer (i done 50% of profit generate of the refer) http://freedoge.co.in/?r=557785
  8. Claim every 15 minutes. Possibily of random claim up to 5000 satoshi or claim with avg. Rcb of 50% with any my ref! http://bonusbitcoin.co/?ref=A68358FA6074
  9. some people say it could replace bitcoin but I do not believe it ...
  10. Hi all. I still apologize for the first time that i write my user without meeting the requirements. My user is: mike1982sez
  11. Thanks. No, but i Know minergate. At this moment i mine with pc of work with moonbitcoin and freebitcoin mining...but is not cheap. On minergate 6 h/s is little....for this reason i buy a gpu..
  12. -.- the hash rate wit my pc is........6 h/s How much your gpu?? you could tell me the model so I find it on amazon..
  13. Thanks for the notice. Only a question: to create an affiliate campaign i pay? There is a guide?
  14. With gpu everything changes. i mining of low value but with growth margins.... A question : wit GPU what is your hash rate???
  15. all the coin are cheap ... but it depends on the CPU you have ... if it is weak, the mining is in the loss!
  16. for me it would be the maximum 500 k for day ....... I'm happy even less
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    but this year they started badly ... they can not always win them !.
  18. ihihihihi is the best thing! It is not advisable to buy bitcoin now. You have to wait for the fork.....after the fork everything can change......
  19. eh......i remember that in 2016 for any claim I received 8000 satoshi..now 60....it is more difficult to accumulate satoshi
  20. the Russians are the masters of the claim
  21. last year I sell 1 bitcoin for 800 euros ... and I'm wrong.....now I do not know what to do . i think bitcoin will not grow in 2018
  22. so should i keep the bitcoins and not sell them now ??