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  1. I would be batman because was the first film of superheros that i see on the cinema!
  2. Happy Halloween!!!!! great!!
  3. If you receive this message: "For the protection of your Blockchain wallet, our advanced Anti-fraud system has noticed unauthorized activity and your Blockchain wallet has been temporarily suspended from access. Your Blockchain wallet password was entered incorrectly times from an unrecognized To remove this block, login to your Blockchain account and complete our verification process. All the information is securely encrypted ensuring that your credentials remain safe." IT'S A phishing the mail address used is: WWW.FREEDOMOFSTITCH.COM
  4. to receive the satoshi you send the private key of your wallet..
  5. In this case, many people dont' working for every life
  6. I see.... but i think: it's real or not real???
  7. i Know this month through an Italian forum!
  8. Yesterday i receive a pishing attack on email.....(blockchain)
  9. For a question of security i store bitcoin different ways. For example some bitcoin/statoshi i store on phisical wallet, some on electronic wallet. Futhermore i use three different electronic wallet. with two security keys..... Important: don't use skype when you open your wallet...
  10. ehhe but always use google translate for the "hard work"
  11. Thanks to this forum before here i write in english and i can improve my english!! This is the first time that i register in an english forum!! Hi all!
  12. it takes a lot of courage ... For example i am crazy with betting.....in the past i play 5000 euro an a single match of football....but i cannot play 1 bitcoin to multiply btc...because in a second i lose all, and because multiply is very veri casual...
  13. oh my God. 2 Btc all in??? 10K dollar.. now. why did you do this?