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  1. Doesn't matter. Your rolls are predetermind anyways.
  2. kaka was doing some big bets with low payout lately. Didn't lose. Hope he will not continue, cause it can't go infinite.
  3. Maybe I'm blind, but can't find it
  4. Adress seems familiar, I hope it's not connected with this.
  5. In terms of military this is Russia, but not in terms of government.
  6. So if i divide my total profit to the days i registered it become 17,5k sats per day. So much, Wow!
  7. Just typed in chat and didn't expect that emoji appear. That was cool!
  8. It's because newcomers don't even know there's a some "Chat rules". No one is pressing the Gear icon below chat box. So my suggestion would be to make an extra button "Chat rules" near to Gear one. Thoughts?
  9. Denya123

    Hi all

    Welcome to PD community. Good luck, cause u need it hehehe
  10. Nestore, no I hate it so much. The sense of cryptocurrency is that it's free of goverment control. They are doing it, just cause of fashion, to keep it up with others, which is really stupid and doesn't make any sense.
  11. I'm Dennis from Russia. My goal on this site is 1 BTC. Already earned 0.01 thanks to chat games that mods doing and some tippers(Irena, Darko, katarina, kristofff and others) and Luck of my bets! Most of the time I'm crazy and very sarcastic. That's probably why I got banned from chat games for 1 day and went to check forum. Ok, I'm also honest. I gained some "friends" and looking forward to continue my activity on this forum with a lot of great people! f2p btw
  12. And now I'm with my 500k on the same way to go. Gratz!
  13. I remember a few days ago happened 5 0.00's in 2k bets. I tried in a middle of it and won 9900x! But my bet was 0...
  14. Pretty fun, but distracting for me.
  15. If you only have faucet try 100x on your 100 sats intil you hit 10k (5 hours average). Then you do automatic bets 10 sats on 10x Increase 12% on lose. I did that from faucet to 400k
  16. Maybe you'll noticed that I'm frequently winning a bingo game, when I'm online and this my tips for users struggling with how to do it. No bots neither scripts required. Also luck is not really involved. Yes, in difference of Roll Hunt, where my tactic is still good, but it can't compete, because of only 15 minutes to participate (less rolls), where's Bingo has 60 and that's where's no luck, but an average result shine. Pre-nerf Bingo was super easy (it took a few minutes on average to complete it). With 1/100 chance for every number and only one type of number(nn.xx) it was easier to get all the rolls and required less consentration to do so. Since recently it become harder to get all numbers and now it has 1/1000 chance for every 10 numbers and also has 3 types - either n.0x or nn.nx or n0.0x (an about 30 minutes to complete now). More patience, more concentration. It means that now most players give up participating in a beggining and more chances for you to win So, when ChatBot announces bingo you quickly do the command "/pm chatbot 1". That way you can send rolls faster by just pressing TAB in chat and Bet ID. Not get ditracted by chat also saves time for you to finish. And now the main thing for the fastest rolls. You do Animation: OFF, Statistics: ON, Hot Keys: ON, Sounds: OFF. Now you can just Press SPACE to do the roll and if you hold it the rolls will keep cycling super fast. Don't forget to put your cursor to the Bet amount box, that way your screen won't go down when you cycling. Sometimes it will say "Too many requests, hol up", don't worry just unpress and press it again. Also more tips: To the ones who has <5k sats balance do 1.01x or 1.02x payout - that way you get to cycle a lot more rolls than on 2x, be4 you potentially run out. And scroll your screen down until it covers your Bet amount box - that way you can keep in check more rolls than be4. Ok, I think that's it. Glhf to every1!
  17. Yeah, if they are on a long red streak they calling that this gambling site is scam, not understanding about RNG aspects.
  18. Doesn't actually matter but if you are really scared that PD gives you a rigged seed change your seed by placing smth yours into a client seed place.
  19. Save an about 80 btc for a moment when it will go up to $100k. About the rest: 1 btc I'll giveaway on PD, help my family, friends, remote relatives, my country by donating to most important people who will make country great again and also donating to charity funds.