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  1. Doesn't matter. Your rolls are predetermind anyways.
  2. kaka was doing some big bets with low payout lately. Didn't lose. Hope he will not continue, cause it can't go infinite.
  3. Maybe I'm blind, but can't find it
  4. Adress seems familiar, I hope it's not connected with this.
  5. In terms of military this is Russia, but not in terms of government.
  6. So if i divide my total profit to the days i registered it become 17,5k sats per day. So much, Wow!
  7. Just typed in chat and didn't expect that emoji appear. That was cool!
  8. It's because newcomers don't even know there's a some "Chat rules". No one is pressing the Gear icon below chat box. So my suggestion would be to make an extra button "Chat rules" near to Gear one. Thoughts?
  9. Denya123

    Hi all

    Welcome to PD community. Good luck, cause u need it hehehe
  10. Nestore, no I hate it so much. The sense of cryptocurrency is that it's free of goverment control. They are doing it, just cause of fashion, to keep it up with others, which is really stupid and doesn't make any sense.