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    skadil got a reaction from CaptainLorca in Best democrat nominee for 2020 election ?   
    I hope Bernie survives till then
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    skadil got a reaction from MegaBetzZz in Happy Birthday   
    A smartphone will make her say you are the best daddy lol
    oh shes 10
    then a digital watch or barbie doll
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    skadil reacted to iwant1btc in From 70K to 700K 24 days   
    Bet Manuall because automate will eat u))
    Payout 2.54X
    Base bet: 128
    If u lose multiplier 2x
    and if u get green change side and again start from 128
    I saw 6 reds in a row.   PS: if u profited 100K close and start again after 1 or 2 hours 
    Goodluck all 
    damn 24 hours i mean sorry