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  1. My cat, mom's whipping together makes me awake each day .
  2. skadil

    Happy Birthday

    A smartphone will make her say you are the best daddy lol oh shes 10 then a digital watch or barbie doll
  3. I think am qualified for it ? Username : skadil Thanks Edward
  4. Will Trump win again? Who can beat him?
  5. Can't disagree. They want to monitor the cryptocurrency out of fear and launching their own cryptocurrency will bring them loss to time, money if they want to compete with other popular coins..
  6. India wants to launch it's own cryptocurrency known as Lakshmi to compete bitcoins. Do you think it will be productive because India doesn't want to give bitcoins legal status.
  7. Total ban on death penalty might prove counter productive since crime rate might increase. I think countries should take extreme steps to "prevent crimes" first and "punishing criminals" last. I would choose total ban on crime over total ban on capital punishment. However if capital punishment is given, the convict must be through proved of his crime with strongest of evidences and given all fair trials and time. His mental health, age during crime and other circumstances must also be considered.
  8. Hi king of spam, welcome but I hope you won't spam as you will get banned anyway welcome good luck
  9. Well am glad I joined pd and now it had become an addiction and I deposited like all my pocket money in bitcoins some for trading some for gambling. Loving this site and y'all. Thanks
  10. How do you feel about juveniles getting life in prison without possibility of parole in US? The US supreme Court in 2005 banned death penalty on juveniles because it was unconstitutional and harsh. How is life in prison without parole less harsh for a juvenile? Is it justified for a country that is leader of free world still practicing giving life in prison to juvenileoffenders?
  11. skadil

    Loud fart

    Lmao, farts are so much underrated ?
  12. He's taller than an average teenager lmao ?