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  1. username: Rune My best memory here was recent I was like I feel like I can win a 1 in 1000 today. and so I came to primedice put the faucet on a 990x and hit it in 1 try. Like a fortune teller https://i.imgur.com/YdTvl1g.png
  2. Quick first ideas full image https://i.imgur.com/5zeasao.png
  3. I found it from bitcointalk like almost everyone else
  4. It is of course better to save any bitcoins you can the price will only raise
  5. Chocolate is so good and coffee is trash
  6. id sell my bitcoins because thats so high. then I would buy the dip
  7. litecoin is going to be the biggest waste of investment money
  8. I wish primedice admins/mods would respond faster to things they offer here and to questions
  9. A lot of those I never even heard but I do like opera and firefox
  10. I was trying to drink more tea I just keep forgetting about it. ill make some now
  11. Getting paid in btc sounds great why not saves you money on fees
  12. The Count of Monte cristo check that one out
  13. I got my 0.1 btc from this thanks for the bingo contest