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    peckatop got a reaction from jamyr in [0.0016BTC] [Raffle - 39] Ultra's Raffles! Enter your names here!   
    missed number :3
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    peckatop got a reaction from Dreeams in Что такое "быть честным с самим собой"?   
    Я не честен с собой  каждый раз я говорю, что это последняя ставка, а потом бам и баланс 0
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    peckatop got a reaction from JohnTravel in [0.0016BTC] [Raffle - 1] Ultra's Raffles! Enter your names here!   
    8- peckatop
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    peckatop got a reaction from MrNice23 in XRP in Primedice!!!   
    Glad I have another chance to see balance with a number higher than 0 on left side of decimal
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    peckatop got a reaction from Owly in Долгожданный ОБМЕННИК   
    Мы cчастливы и гордимся, тем , что к нашей Cryptogamblers.pub семье присоеденился сайт Windice.io  !

    В честь этого события, мы дадим промокод каждому (действителен до 1го июня) :


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    peckatop reacted to Katarina in ​🎂​ [0.06 BTC] Let's Twist [16th MAY]   
    Feel free to write multiple comments in the same sections, even all 5 comments in only one section, just make sure to fulfill all of the requirements.
    You guys are doing an awesome job so far! Keep it up!🤩🥳
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    peckatop got a reaction from Noeprellik1 in Some tips about starting balance and etc.   
    As per me i could say that there's no strat that is 100% safe, but you could use the simple trick to be the most time up..

    The thing is that your balance (with increasing on lose) must survive 13 * payout bets:
    For example if you're playing 11x dice then you balance must survive 13*11 = 143 red bets, and you still have to had balance to make 144th bet.

    With that you can most time to be alive and get you initial deposit back just in few days. But the only thing is not to get greedy Just keep it unchanged and don't raise starting bet.

    As for me the better way is to use doges, because you can make starting bet very small and playing on high payout strats ( which mostly require small increase on lost). If you're playing strats with payout lower that 2x. But still. Doge's give you more variosity and you even can make starting bet 0.1 sat as for me i mostly play 1.35x dice and i very rare seen 9 reds in a row.. 2 times saw 10 reds in a row and only once i've seen 11 reds in a row, but there's still probability of more.

    The only problem of playing low payout strats is that you better not calculate probability of reds in a row, but there's another factor like every single bet is 27% chance to lose.
    But when you calculate for long streak you do it a little bit different:
    Like there's 1% change (for 99x) of winning each bet
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    peckatop got a reaction from jikot3 in Долгожданный ОБМЕННИК   
    Мы рады представить вам очередное обновление CryptoGamblersPub!
    Что нового?
    1. Возможность Регистрации
    С этих пор, обмен возможен только если вы авторизированны, и только с ваших игровых аккаунтов, которые вы подтвердили во вкладке аккаунт. Основная причина для этого - это ваша безопасность, т.е. только вы сможете обменивать "типы" которые были отправленны с вашего аккаунта. Так же это избавит вас от неправильного написания Аккаунта.

    Так же с этих пор, вы можете наблюдать историю обменов во вкладке аккаунт.
    2. Только мгновенные обмены!
    С этим обновлением, мы так же решили отказаться от всех ручных обменов. Больше никакого ожидания, все обмены на CryptoGamblersPub отныне только мгновенные! К сожалению это означает, что Luckygames.io и Luckyfish.io больше не будут поддерживаться нашей системой, до тех пор, пока мы не получим доступ на мгновенные обмены с ними.
    3. Промо коды! Ха-ха, все любят промокоды! 😆
    И мы даем первый из них всем вам, чтобы вы использовали их!
    Используйте промокод:
    для того, чтобы уменьшить налог на обмен:
    3% до 9го апреля 9 AM GMT+0
    2% до 10го апреля 10 AM GMT+0
    1% до 11го апреля 11 AM GMT+0
    Чтобы вам было легче пользоваться обменником, мы приготовили для вас видео о том что нового в новом обменнике, и как им пользоваться:
    Как пользоваться Обменником (Англ)
    Как пользоваться Обменником (Ру)
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    peckatop got a reaction from Bojana in 🏆 [0.08 BTC] PD Olympics: Long Jump   
    Bet: 27,417,735,439
    placed by Peckatop on 16/01/2019
    0.00000100 Multiplier
    2.00x Profit
    Bet: 27,417,736,497
    placed by Peckatop on 16/01/2019
    0.00000100 Multiplier
    2.00x Profit
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    peckatop reacted to UltraChief in Security Deposit for borrowers - suggestion to secure lending   
    I dont know about others but I get 50$ loan requests often in equivalent BTC.
    Just depositing does not always mean they are going to pay back. That is why I suggested the security deposit to be eligible.
    That can be worked out after admins respond.
    I said already - collateral backed loans are better. But we dont get any collateral at all.
    First thing is not to loan to a person who already has outstanding loan with others. The total amount of loan they can take is already dependent on the security deposit made. There is no collateral involved here.
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    peckatop reacted to UltraChief in Security Deposit for borrowers - suggestion to secure lending   
    Hello everybody, 
    Although I insist on collateral-backed loans there seems to be none who are willing to do so even when we have altcoins in PD added recently. Thus I have this new idea which can be a potentially new and better method to secure loans in the forum with additional security for the lender.
    I want to suggest a new rule for being able to borrow in the "lending" section - a minimum security deposit.
    1. This deposit will need to be done to Primedice on forum I guess a fund can be created to store the borrowers deposit.
    2. The utility of this deposit will be to secure a repayment in case the borrower defaults on a loan in future.
    3. Once the security deposit is verified by the admin, the borrower can start making loan requests in the section.
    4. If they default, the deposit amount has to be given to the lender to cut their loss after the admin confirms.
    5. In case people are defaulting and then coming back after a few months, their security deposit will not be given back. They would have to provide a new security deposit in order to be eligible for borrowing again.
    Amount that the security deposit needs to be can be anything above 100$ equivalent BTC, LTC, ETH. (more may be thought of in future if Primedice adds them)
    Based on the amount of security deposit the borrower will have restrictions on how much they can potentially borrow and default. I suggest that borrowers would be able to ask for a maximum of 60-70% of this deposit for lending which seems feasible enough to cover a default in future.
    I would like to know what you all think of this idea.
    Tagging @Dan
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    peckatop got a reaction from bellapelle in 🏆 [0.08 BTC] Bingo Challenge!   
    22,122,030,524 placed by Peckatop on 4/16/2018
    Wagered: 0.00001024 | Multiplier: 1.11x | Profit: 0.00000115 22,122,080,892 placed by Peckatop on 4/16/2018
    Wagered: 0.00001024 | Multiplier: 1.11x | Profit: 0.00000115 22,122,429,460 placed by Peckatop on 4/16/2018
    Wagered: 0.00001024 | Multiplier: 1.11x | Profit: 0.00000115
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    peckatop reacted to Mirela in 🏆 [0.08 BTC] Roller Coaster Challenge   
    Roller Coaster Challenge!
    Ends: 16/04/18 

    Let's see who needs a bit of adrenaline rush! Try to make a winning streak of 5 bets with roll numbers changing successively higher - lower - higher - lower - higher (or vice versa: lower - higher - lower - higher - lower). You can choose the payout.  An example of a valid entry would be: 77.77 - 44.55 - 83.21- 67.03 - 93.48. Everyone who achieves this will receive a prize. The prize pool will be decided based on the number of entries. 
    Make a winning 5-bets streak Roll numbers should successively change in higher-lower pattern described above Minimum bet amount is 100 satoshis Seed cannot be changed during the giveaway if you wish to enter so we can check if bets were made successively 1 valid entry per person Bets must have been made after the commencement of this promotion 10+ forum post count If we suspect you are abusing the giveaway you will not be credited  
    Prize Pool(s)
    Minimum prize pool: 0.01 BTC If over 20 participants: 0.03 BTC If over 30 participants: 0.05 BTC If over 40 participants: 0.08 BTC  
    How to enter: 
    Respond to this topic, and link your bet ID using the link function in the text editor. Post a screenshot of the bets.