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  1. Just busted 0.007 btc and 0.035 ETH. haha cant relax now
  2. I have invested on electroneum and i want to know if others invested too. And what do you think about it in the future?
  3. Win some from giveaways. But then, Ddnt played again because of BTC price so high. Will be a waste if lost all
  4. I agree with you. Theres alot of people old ones. Dont like to use Cellphones or browse on the internet. But for 7.5 b people. I think it wont happen. And i think the price will go down.
  5. Nice advertise. Wish you more referals
  6. but is it possible if we both use the same account?
  7. I just wonder. If my brother wants to join pd forum community will it be ok? Or it will be mark as a dual log in in 1 IP add? he wants to earn so it will be great to introduce PD forum to him. So he could learn about bitcoin and other stuffs.
  8. Nothing is imposible. Just wait for you turn! Goodluck
  9. Hello I've not been on forum lately. But i just wonder. Why do i see alot of players got there named colored like orange, yellow. before only admins was red and mods our blue. Does this color on name mean something? Or position? Thanks!
  10. Really no good strategy. you just know how to use it. and know when to stop. And play again. play for few hours if you got profit. then play tmr again. Playing straight will lead you to nothing.
  11. This is one of the new awesome sites to play Bitcoin! Got alot of games to play. Pinko Hilo Dice Dice Sphere and many more! https://stake.com/?code=paulpalmer
  12. 10% is too low for 7x 25 or 35 will do it, but if you always get green than red its fine. but do it with higher bets,