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  1. ow yah im sorry and thanks for info lol dont be blind you will not see ur rolls anymore ahahah Just kidding
  2. i think u must bet more like 100 sato or what 10k per hour is not bad but i dont think if u will have fun with that
  3. lets hope in just having fun here youll win the jackpot ! lol
  4. Ow great i should try this Ahahah and maybe i am lucky too
  5. i think he dont know that is the answer too
  6. lets fight mistletoe for this hard case ahhahha
  7. i think the 4th is finish eating and she will pay her foods
  8. Partyboy04

    Kitty time

    good to see cat lover here lol! and who are those PD ppl that eats your cats? i have a dog here i will tell them to catch who are those
  9. Duh if i was the killer i will not stay there and i will plan it carefully so that no one can catch me by this picture lol and i think the killer goes away and the killer is not there anymore
  10. Ugh those desserts are so lovelyyy lol if i have those desserts i will just desserts 1st ahahah
  11. Partyboy04


    i dont think so uhm lets consider it is from another planet what planet would it be ? venus or mars? in venus its so hot there and marijuana cant leave there and in mars there is no water that plant needs
  12. yeah your right but i didnt tried it yet that is why i am amazed Ahahah ... it is worth it to see your profit progressive even it takes u a long time to achieve it but the problem is when you are in the middle of your goal is you will bust ahaha
  13. yes it is lol .. forcing a women to have sex with you is considered as a rape and i think it is against the law
  14. yeah right we will die soon even those ppl that are so healthy and strong even rich in money they will die no one can escape death
  15. i think its not a good idea to bet all your balance
  16. that was nice keep up the good work... spread bitcoin spirit in ph lol just kidding
  17. let them think what they want to think lol ... and those kinds of people i wish uhm may god forgive you Ahahaha lol
  18. ugh you are too lucky if u did that ! lol without increasing ur bets ahahah
  19. ouch you can do more if u have 0.03 by doing manual play but i cant blame you because as what u have said " i never knew how to gamble properly ''
  20. dont be sure lol nothing is impossible @badguy69 and i think they will be blamed if it reach 10kbtc and no one is still winning lol
  21. Ow thanks lol i have no doubts i just want to know ppl opinions
  22. Ugh that was sad ssoc if i were nil i will stop if i reach 0.1BTC lol
  23. Helloo im Partyboy04 on primedice , im 22 years old from philippines , my height 5'6'' im new here uhm 4months here in primedice and i am not either female or shemale but a male lol i wish i can find good friends here in primedice and the community is so good
  24. Ow thanks for your strat , you are also good being a source of strat lol