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  1. ledust


    I could believe it, the plant is quite amazing with all the different uses it has. Maybe some ancient alien race visited early humans and brought the plant as a gift
  2. doing acouple giveaways! Come join! https://discord.gg/NthKZGN
  3. doing acouple giveaways, come join! https://discord.gg/NthKZGN
  4. Hard to pick honestly.... probably red bell peppers! and onions! mmmm
  5. ledust


    you sound awesome @Vladimirwe should hang out when I come to replace catosa
  6. Awesome! I love photography I wish I had a nice camera
  7. I'm from right in the middle of north america! It is boring! halp!
  8. sun in your eyes in my ass
  9. doing some more giveaways! Come join! https://discord.gg/NthKZGN
  10. I would wonder what combination of drugs I took in order for that to happen...
  11. hits too close to home right now buahahaa my face is clear atm
  12. Doing some giveaways! Come join! https://discord.gg/NthKZGN
  13. I can't tell if you are trying to be clever and refer to men as dogs or are actually talking about dogs as in the animal... @Brais