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  1. I've seen a lot of people skeptical about this faucet, can anyone here provide proof of it being legit/not legit?
  2. Hey all, I stumbled across a nice website lately offering huge payouts up to 0.003499 BTC per use. With a huge bonus when you sign up, many people have been skeptical about using it but you can search online and find loads of people with proof of payouts. For example -https://imgur.com/gallery/Uf8jQ A huge advantage of this site over other alongside the huge payouts is that you only need to input your wallet address to sign up, no email verification and other efforts. It's definitely worth checking out even if you don't usually use faucets. The link to the site it - http://btcheat.com/?i=154664 I wish you all good luck!
  3. Some proof of legitimacy: https://ibb.co/dOsXJk - withdrawals over the last few days https://ibb.co/iHrRdk - deposits shown in my stake.com account (though this could be for any website including Primedice) I can't find any blockchain history, but I hope this is enough proof that the withdrawals go through as many people here can confirm that stake.com is legitimate. Also this is from when they paid into my bustabit.com account: https://live.blockcypher.com/btc/tx/0965c839ce3d577648562d95d0f4b8cad22cf709bc0f0b9ba8a28ebc98a5b94e/ as further proof they are carrying out all these transactions. @merlyn22 You can gamble with your account balance on four different games on the website if that's what you're into but there is no deposit address, there is also a faucet. @Nataly Just tell me if there's more proof I can provide.
  4. Hit me up with any questions or inquiries you have about the website, hope all goes well
  5. Hey everyone, I wasn't sure where to put a post like this, I hope this area of the forum is okay. My other faucet post was well received but this seems much more trustworthy. The other day I stumbled across a really good website (I'm sure there's many others like it) where you can carry out free tasks such as short surveys and be paid back in bitcoin, they also have competitions rewarding those who are the most productive each week. This will be useful for anyone who wants some funds in their Primedice account without any real bank investment. I can confirm this is legit as I have withdrew from them in the past and all has gone through. The link to the website is: http://bitgames.io/forums/register.php?affid=968540 I especially recommend "Tapresearch" surveys but they have a range of tasks and websites to choose from. I rate this website over anything similar I've seen as you only need $1.50 in the websites credits (called 150,000 'coins') whereas some website have off-putting minimum withdrawals. Thanks for reading and I hope I can help some people
  6. Please delete this if it's not allowed, Not my website, but a lot of the players here might be interested in this faucet that offers a multiplayer game called Bitcoin Rush in which if you beat a bot 2 out of 3 times daily (really easy) then you get 0.1 MBTC, takes a couple mins max. It is a skill based game in which you can wager your free winnings online (@manlikedavid in the chat if you feel like playing against me ) I'm not trying to take any business away from here, their games have terrible house edges and are way less fun/interactive, they do offer sports wagers though. Referral Link: https://www.BitcoinRush.io/r?u=29393 I will answer questions about the site (to the best of my ability) on the Primedice chat. Best of luck to all of you. Disclaimer: I have no idea about the provable fairness of their other games, there is a part where the seed/hash is shown but I don't know how to properly check it.