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  1. xChg

    Real Life Pictures!

    Haha yeah she was my co-worker, but she didn't like working in a warehouse so she got an office job somewhere.
  2. xChg

    Real Life Pictures!

    Bumping this since I'm back. Here's a pic from last year.
  3. So just got back to this forum but I checked and my issue has not yet been resolved. Also, my commission was earned in Btc not usd so I expect to be paid out according to that.
  4. If there was no way you could fix this issue then why did you look into this for me? Why not have someone with authority handle it?
  5. I made that account before there were rules about making multiple accounts. That account was made day 1. I rarely ever roll on it and if I do it's with tips I send. The marketing team would never have given me any of the referral money or they would still offer it. The BTC was legitimately earned by me. Now instead I'm sitting here busting my ass off to get this fixed and all the staff wants to do is tell me I'M a scammer? Come on dude.
  6. I haven't been using your system to scam. I'm down 6+ BTC on my account how would that help me any? When I lost 30 BTC in 1 hour how did I scam the system? I haven't scammed the system at all. This is just another ploy to try to take the blame from yourselves.
  7. Seems like you guys just try to weasel your way out of paying out for any promotions. You guys can't even prove an IP match was made you're just assuming it. I'll be sure to take my bitcoin out and distance myself from PD. Too much staff scamming and abuse of power going on there.
  8. I'm sure it can manually be edited. If not, can I at least be paid for what was wagered already? I mean I was the one he signed up under. This is a technicality that was done completely by mistake which it is not specified how strict the ssytem is it just makes it seem like the same person can't use themselves for a referral and can't live at the same address,
  9. How was I suppose to know that would cause an IP to be shared? I mean he isn't me or someone who is family. Just an internet buddy. I mean if thats the case its a rare mistake. Shouldn't be disqualified for being able to refer him and get the commission for it. Could I get a pass for a seriously honest error? I wouldn't be trying to work the system or none of that. I been here since PD1 lol
  10. He was on join.me while he did this long ass session. I live about 200 miles from him. Not exactly a short drive.
  11. I would not lie about a referral. I am a fair person, but I seen him use my referral with my own two eyes. I would like to see this further investigated if that's not asking too much.
  12. This makes no sense as I was there when he signed up under my referral. Honestly just seems like a case of not wanting to pay for referrals.
  13. Not sure what you mean could you elaborate?
  14. How did he get removed from being my ref? I seen him sign up under my referral myself.
  15. Robear 10/10 everyone else can suck a lemon.