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    here44jackpot reacted to Sharpeye468 in Favorite Slot Game?   
    Glad to see there's another person who enjoys Aztec gold as well!
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    here44jackpot reacted to bigfart in VIP requirements.   
    The price of bitcoin has increased by 20x, while the amount wagered that gives VIP has stayed the same. I suggest that the VIP wagered amount be lowered not by 20x, but by something reasonable like 30-50%
    Even high roller has changed now, so why not VIP?
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    here44jackpot reacted to Edward in 🏆 Keep Primedice Forum Alive - Giveaway!   
    Sadly a lot of people are using forum.stake.com only now despite being a big part of the Primedice community.
    Let's reboot this forum. From now on I'll take care of this forum a bit more whilst Dan focuses on Stake's.
    To get things started, post 5 topics & 20 posts in the next 7 days and you'll be credited 0.001 BTC. First 100 people only. 
    If support have any suspicion you're not a legit member of the Primedice community and are botting/multi accounting you won't be credited. To enter simply post your username once you're done.
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