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  1. What's your roundabout percentage of hitting it per 1000 bet sets?
  2. Good info bud i'm gonna give it a try
  3. Username: Jaybuds Happy Holidays Everyone!!!!!!!!!
  4. Guess Edward doesn't get paid, had a grammar mishap on stake review LMAO. I posted 4 reviews as I have yet to try the other sites. Also one review was PD on the non verified idk if that one counts too hehehe Wallet: 1LNwBdqoWoFPgEeVhCCABBcUjxBhjhdoMb
  5. Wow only 3 from NA so far that surprises me, all your English is very good for not being your primary language
  6. Yep Noah gets it, or it could be millions for a bitcoin and we all deal in satoshi
  7. I read it was 21 million every 100 years according the the algorithm, so we have 92 years to mine the remaining 5 million BTC. IMHO this will make BTC rise because of supply and demand, atleast lets hope so
  8. I feel like this whole post was supposed to make someone jealous
  9. Ha maybe we should make a post for all the single people, kind of a disadvantage for me im pretty far away lol
  10. From the Mitten State (Michigan) in good ole USA. Very impressed by how well everyone speaks English. Makes me feel like a bum cause I only know 1 language.
  11. Primedice dating forums lol
  12. Username is Jaybuds but there is no way I get to 100 posts by then lmao!!!