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  1. i can't contact suport to athena i just get verification number,,,i don't know what next step to log in
  2. Bad Athena,,,, im can't log in
  3. I can't Log IN again,,, and can't contact suport to,,,, !!!! what is my sin so this happens to me,,,,,, :((( Avenged Sevenfold - Dear God [Official Music Video]
  4. Hy Admin, All Moderator,and All Suport and all my friends in PD Community,, Merry Christmas from Indonesian people... God Bless
  5. Football/Soccer Picks ==>>> this words to make me upload pict badguy,,,, i don't see word about money hahahahaa..... but i need money in real life.... ahhaha GL bro,,,,
  6. like guessing a cat in a sack.....!!!@@@###
  7. MMmmmm......maybe yesss,,,,, maybee nooo,,,, party... !!!!!@@@###
  8. katrok88


    i choose E. Frankfurt Mrknight
  9. katrok88


    Hello Darko.... peace and love from indonesia.... hahaha
  10. katrok88

    Poker Apps?

    WSOP is better,,,,
  11. Menurut agan2..,,, mana yang harus didahulukan,,,, !!!!! smoga bermanfaat....