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  1. You have a good idea, bro ... and a high social spirit ... I think the idea that you submit cannot be carried out ... maybe it will never happen ... because we players here are pseudo ... we don't know biodata, background of each or the other between fellow players .. even the simplest is the face of each player we never know ... so in my opinion the difficult thing if you want to form something like that ... except .. if for pleasure, just for happy fun... i'm ok ..bro..lul
  2. Yup... i think greed and glambing still stick together... Cz this is nature from gamblers.... Moto in they mind can earn money with fast time.. different if we working on real life... We can get payment or earn money with long duration... Maybe 1 week or 1 month.. so greed and gambling always stick together... i think like that... Thanks
  3. in the real life gambling never make some one rich... Just 0.001% can survive if some one coutinue to play gambling... But different with gambler with disire for happy fun.. and when he get a big luck... i thing he don't scare about lose or win .. rich or poor... Cz player like this basicly is a rich people on real life with they job... so if you ask gambling can make some one rich or not... my answer is gambling never can make some one rich.... gambling just for fun and killing free time.. maybe must better for a real life ... Thanks
  4. I hope the dream come true Katrok88
  5. 50 % i Will make a rain in PD ... and than 50% i Will take... 😂😂😂 But.. i Don't know when its all come true to my life.. 😂😂
  6. Primedice: 35895035395 Primedice: 35895243559
  7. Klw menurut q sih.. akun bank buat nadah rain.. itu pola pikir yg ambisius dan mimpi kali ye.. butuh 3 atw 4 BLN mungkin LBH buat WD itu hsl nadah Rain... bhkn bisa hamsyong juga....Wkwkwkw..... 😂😂🤣🤣🤣...
  8. Sebenernya bukan akun tuyul..bisa di katakan akun bank... salah persepsi... Dulu saya pny 2 akun... Mod sering liat saya tip ke akun yg 1 nya LG.. tp nga masalah... Nga di tegur dan WD pun normal.. itu hanya srategi dr beberapa member.. jika sdh dpt opitnya di send ke akun bank.. dan mulai start dgn modal awal.. sbnrnya mengarah srategi low Riska aja.. kira2 itu pendapat saya.. klw nga berkenan mohon maaf cukkkk....
  9. i can't contact suport to athena i just get verification number,,,i don't know what next step to log in
  10. Bad Athena,,,, im can't log in
  11. I can't Log IN again,,, and can't contact suport to,,,, !!!! what is my sin so this happens to me,,,,,, :((( Avenged Sevenfold - Dear God [Official Music Video]
  12. Hy Admin, All Moderator,and All Suport and all my friends in PD Community,, Merry Christmas from Indonesian people... God Bless
  13. Football/Soccer Picks ==>>> this words to make me upload pict badguy,,,, i don't see word about money hahahahaa..... but i need money in real life.... ahhaha GL bro,,,,