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  1. Gratz my bro...!!??i hope someday you can make it again until top... From 0.00017btc to 0.005btc...0.005btc to 0.05 btc or more.... I believe you can do it bro...!!??good luck your gambling...and good luck your real life... !!??lul..
  2. my strategy for the year is still the same ... the difference is that it needs stages or time to understand the current condition of the roll roll ... because right now I feel a lot of significant differences ... that's all my strategy ... because if I change the strategy I .. defeat after defeat will occur...!!?? Good luck,..
  3. If I play to understand the condition of the roll after the update ... I usually play 6-8 hours to find out the condition of the roll for the strategy that I use ... because every update there is a significant difference in the rotation of the roll ... after being sure of the results I just played normally to look for profit ... usually between 1-2 hours every roll ... !! ?? My best game condition is hit po 9900 7 times in 4 hours .... !! ?? but now it's very different. need extra accuracy before hunting ... !! ?? thanks ..
  4. joined PD since 2015 ... in the past there were very few players here ... because of the very small free facilities that might make at least the interest of people playing here ... like a faucet that contains 100 sats and no rain bot ... Even the active chat rooms are only 2 English rooms and Rusian rooms ... after I was vacuum from the crypto world, it was almost 2 years or so ... I was surprised by the current PD facilities ... so spoiled the users ... so it would be more it's good if you do wise for all these facilities ... thank you for your attention .. !! ??Good Luck.... Lul..
  5. Slamet malem bruhh....salam kenal.... Salam gacoorrr....!!?? Sedikit ikut menambah sepatah dua patah kata bruhhh....perihal topic yang indah ini....!!?? Kalau menurut saya semua PO itu ada keunggulan dan ada kelemahannya sendiri - sendiri... Tidak ada yg bisa menghasilkan profit yg tetap secara continue... Jadi di sini kita hanya perlu menganalisa pola karakter permainan kita... yaitu permainan full auto atau manual. Kadang bila kita bermain secara auto kita hanya bergantung pada settingan dan statistik. Itu kalau saya bilang ingin dapat hasil tapi tanpa usaha..karena kita membiarkan mesin roll itu bermain dengan menu setting itu sendiri. Kalau bermain manual kita bisa banyak melihat gambaran pola atw moment2 di mana pada stiap PO itu pasti ada moment di mana kita bisa meraih hasil yg besar. Tetapi perlu di ingat apabila kita full bermain manual kita butuh banyak pikiran dan tenaga serta filling yg semakin lama makin terasah seiring berjalannya waktu. Jadi kesimpulan saya mengenai topic ini adalah memadukan antara karakter bermain auto dan manual. Sehingga kita bisa meminimalisir kekalahan kita hingga sekecil mungkin. Kira kira hanya ini yang bisa saya bagikan. Mohon maaf apabila dalam koran pendek ini terdapat kesalahan kata...!!?? Salam hangat.... Salam gacoorrr...!!??
  6. Salam kenal mas Paijo.... Saya juga pemain baru.... Saya masih sangat sangat poloss...klw dalam dunia perwanitaan bisa di bilang perawan ting Ting... Dalam dunia crypto.... Moga mas Paijo kedepannya bisa membimbing saya dalam hal mencari opit opit di mari.... dan tidak mengenal kata lemah.letih.lesu dalam membimbing... Apabila ada kesalahan dalam penulisan kata saya mohon maaf karena itu adalah ketidaksengajaan... Terima kasih... Salam hangat...!!?? katrok88 🙏🙏🙏
  7. Lul... Sheenabay...!!?? i Will waiting for a good news from you... i think you can do that again sheen...!!?? Lul.... Wolesss.....wolessss...!!??
  8. Hello..Mr. Dan..!!??... just 1 my request for PD new version... i just want to see all PD symbol in 3D style...!!?? and don't change back ground coulor... cz blue and white is characteristic of PD..!!?? Lul... Thanks... PD..!!??
  9. You have a good idea, bro ... and a high social spirit ... I think the idea that you submit cannot be carried out ... maybe it will never happen ... because we players here are pseudo ... we don't know biodata, background of each or the other between fellow players .. even the simplest is the face of each player we never know ... so in my opinion the difficult thing if you want to form something like that ... except .. if for pleasure, just for happy fun... i'm ok ..bro..lul
  10. Yup... i think greed and glambing still stick together... Cz this is nature from gamblers.... Moto in they mind can earn money with fast time.. different if we working on real life... We can get payment or earn money with long duration... Maybe 1 week or 1 month.. so greed and gambling always stick together... i think like that... Thanks
  11. in the real life gambling never make some one rich... Just 0.001% can survive if some one coutinue to play gambling... But different with gambler with disire for happy fun.. and when he get a big luck... i thing he don't scare about lose or win .. rich or poor... Cz player like this basicly is a rich people on real life with they job... so if you ask gambling can make some one rich or not... my answer is gambling never can make some one rich.... gambling just for fun and killing free time.. maybe must better for a real life ... Thanks
  12. I hope the dream come true Katrok88
  13. 50 % i Will make a rain in PD ... and than 50% i Will take... 😂😂😂 But.. i Don't know when its all come true to my life.. 😂😂
  14. Primedice: 35895035395 Primedice: 35895243559