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  1. @lucas alfaia Happy holidays, thank you.
  2. I only have nightmares with lucid dreams.
  3. Best drug haha, we'll finally have a zombie apocalypse hahaha.
  4. @PARANORMAL I just wanted to state that 7 was a lie, she sent me the cookie she likes.
  5. Can not I comment on Carol? the post and hers. ????
  6. I think 7 is a lie. I'm sure. I know you like hahaha.
  7. I love savoring a lasagna, favorite dish <3
  8. hahah, I've never played League of Legends, plus dota 2 I play a lot, but some friends always talk to me to play what's good. One day I'm going to play.
  9. Ouuu, how beautiful, you are very good, you should be congratulated is beautiful.
  10. hahaha that crazy, you're amazing, I was trying to build, the white house: D When I'm done, I'll put it here.
  11. Bulletproof coffee, which is new to me, coffee is good for the mind, but I was not aware of it, I will search here.
  12. I'm very interested in it now, ahaha, watching the team comment, should be a good deal. I'll start researching more about it.
  13. I have great reasons to like @Dan you are my favorite