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  1. Bet:19,828,366,192 Oof. A 10 BTC loss
  2. Pretty sure that everyone would be like "ooh martinfail" but I did a fairly high risk martingale off of 2.2x with a 10k basebet. At 0.0127 for bankroll you can survive 7 reds from a 10k basebet. For me it was keeping my eye on the luck and going with gut feeling on some of the bigger bets. I took a bit of a break after every 200k total win or so, as it was pretty stressful as my balance got higher and higher.
  3. Oops didn't see that username was only supposed to be posted on completion. I've completed the 5 posts and 20 replies! So now I'll officially post my username User: Sharpeye468
  4. Not sure if anyone on here would have heard of a game called geocaching, but the basics of the game is that you go find hidden containers around places and sign your name on a logsheet, taking little items and leaving other items of your own (for example small currency or something). This game is played worldwide and is quite a lot of fun to play. If you're going on a trip to somewhere I'd highly recommend checking the area for geocaches because they can take you to some wonderful places that you probably wouldn't otherwise visit while you're in a foreign area!
  5. Cool that the video isn't just her "dancing" and doing other typical music video mumbo jumbo, but it also shows the local culture of dancing in Barranquilla! Nice to have a little bit more insight on something that just seems so "mundane" to a regular watcher!
  6. Pretty sure that I just got hugely hyped up just watching this video haha. Thanks for sharing, it's certainly something that I'd listen to while working out (if I ever actually got into the habit of working out ).
  7. Sharpeye468

    Tax Haven

    Luxembourg Cayman Islands Isle of Man Jersey Ireland Mauritius Bermuda Monaco Switzerland Bahamas According to this article: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/politics/panama-papers-the-worlds-top-tax-havens-a6969806.html about the whole panama papers scandal
  8. Definitely an expensive little "quest" to put on your bucket list, but it would certainly be worthwhile if you were able to make it to so many different countries and learn about all the local attractions and the different ways of living in each!
  9. Sharpeye468


    Whoa... those are some really nice photos! Did you take those ones or did you find them online? I think among other things, iceland definitely is a wonderful place for a travel destination. Lots of cool sites to check out and (as shown in the pictures) there are truly some breathtaking sites to take in.
  10. Ahhh I love these little faucet sites. It's nice to have some little trivial tasks that you can do on the site and are able to make something (albeit small somethings... and slow somethings!) from just having some spare time. I'll have to check these out!
  11. I'd say make it a forum post only giveaway. Make the contest for whoever can get the closest betid to 20 billion (100 sats minimum) and then have bet Id's posted in another section of the forum. Users can only post their own bets and the top 10 for closest to 20 billion (only after 20,000,000,000) win a certain amount of BTC!
  12. Given how its slowed up after getting close to 6k, I'd say we could expect a few more big spikes so it'd probably end up around the 8.5-9k mark (if I simply had to guess)
  13. Given the current leveling system only has an effect after the user has wagered 10 BTC, I'd like to see something that lets "us casuals" have a chance at a bigger faucet without having to bet large amounts. Some of the suggestions here are quite good (although it isn't too tough to be better than the current system tbh)
  14. Interesting, always cool to see new things being put into development especially in the coding fields. There's always so much that can be done it's just a matter is there someone who can think of the right way to implement it.
  15. I think of it as someone enjoys the thrill from gambling and they just enjoy the thrill of winning so much that they just need to keep betting bigger and bigger to keep the excitement level so high.