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  1. Ay pasensya! Ibig kong sabihin kakadalaw ko lang ulit sa website.
  2. That's a lot time for ROI. I was going to look into website mining too since I don't have a rig for mining. But if it's that unprofitable... Yipes!
  3. It helps when you don't even have money to buy comfort food... Hahahuhus!
  4. Value is definitely volatile, but the trend seems to be going up!
  5. I haven't tried doing it on my desktop just yet. Maybe I'll try that today!
  6. Not lately no. I played up to a few expansion of TS4. I'm waiting for the mobile version where I can continue to tortu- I mean play with my Sims! LOL
  7. That's interesting! Wonder if there's any here where I am.
  8. NyaoNyao

    Poker Apps?

    I used to play on TripleJack. I tried Plato recently, but the number of online players is laughable. I'll check out some of these. Maybe get more poker practice. Thanks for the recommendations!
  9. Being productive while trying to calm myself seems like a pretty good way to spend my energy. Worked wonders for me so far!
  10. I haven't even heard of these before. I guess mine is: noob. LOL ?
  11. It is incredible! And the year isn't even over yet!
  12. *orders double pineapple ? on my pizza* U KENAT SHAME ME! D:
  13. I relate. The disturbing things I've done with my Sims would probably send chills down someone's spine. But I have never felt the compulsion to do that in real life!
  14. It has increased incredibly since I joined PD! Mixed emotions about it.
  15. I have an online wallet. Before reading this thread I didn't even know there are cold wallets or hard wallets for btc.
  16. Here on PD I just started playing a few mins ago!
  17. Lately, I've been resorting to working when I'm angry. It helps me concentrate on something else other than the reason for my anger. When the heat is gone, I'm able to think more clearly about what transpired.
  18. I have no shame. I like pineapple on my pizza!
  19. I second this! If I could live off Nutella I would've already lol Hello diabetuuus lmao
  20. Wala pa ring giveaway. Buti meron na ulit PPP. Kaso kababalik ko lang din. Medyo naging busy sa life. LOL
  21. NyaoNyao

    Cartagena, Spain

    That is quite freaky! It seems like they're more on display rather than the skulls being used as reinforcement for the wall.
  22. My little cousin loves FNAF! He makes all sorts of fanart on it. He's made clay creations and drew his on wallpaper based on it!