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  1. Di ko pa rin nakukuha unang sweldo ko! X____x
  2. Dedeposit sana ako through coins pero ang laki ng fee ngayon.
  3. Hope the new year does brings you more luck! I've been personally playing for around 30m now. Longest I've ever played. X)
  4. A little angry at myself right now. All I can do to not scream my head off is to keep myself preoccupied. Watching TV shows atm and I might just start working if that still doesn't help.
  5. I can do it when I'm alone in my room. For a few hours at a time! LOL
  6. I had sausage mcmuffin with egg yesterday mornin for breakfast. It was the smallest one I've had from a McD's so far. It was sad!
  7. Still craving for pizza. Don't care at this point if it has pineapple on it or not!
  8. FOUR?! X____x Well, I have seen dedicated mining rigs that have more than that.
  9. +points I guess for pointing out when someone is wrong lol
  10. Ganito pakiramdam ko ngayon lol
  11. I changed up how I play and I'm losing more money lol I might go back to stopping at 3 losses again...
  12. Now I stop when I lose twice. If I win I keep going until the 2nd loss for the session. X)
  13. It would be! I hate walking/running as a form of exercise, but if I'll get paid to do it? Hells yeah!
  14. LOL no Our internet is 2nd to the last in Asia terms of speed. As for price, our neighboring countries pay less and have better speeds than us. ;p
  15. Eth as in etherium? Oo tumaas nga rin. Di pako nakakapagbasabasa ng maigi sa altcoin tsaka kung saan makakakuha.
  16. I don't mind either. Whatever my family decides to do, I hope it's because that's what would be convenient for them. Not for me. Because I'll be dead and wouldn't even be able to care. lol
  17. That's quite impressive! Yeah been 2 weeks for me and I still haven't tried faucet. Prolly won't be able to in a few weeks still.
  18. Seeing the notif for this thread made me want pizza so bad! LOL
  19. Are you going to continue to use it?
  20. This is unfortunately true. There is this notion that a guy should be thankful that a woman is "taking initiative" instead of calling it out for what it is: sexual harassment!
  21. I spend probably less than 2m per gambling session. (But that's more an answer to how long do you gamble vs how long I've been gambling for. LOL)
  22. I don't believe I have enough btc to warrant keeping via a paper wallet. Not yet anyway!
  23. I've been using my desktop more and more lately. I like how I can read the chat and play at the same time unlike in the mobile version.
  24. The best we can do is try to regulate it which is already being done. Now all we need are for the parents to do some actual parenting and not give in to their bratty children that kick and scream because they want to play the newest GTA that shouldn't be playing at their age. <_<