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    E. Frankfurt vs W. Bremen?? what you will choose
  2. MrKnight8686


    Love ya Darko, i seen you chat on PD a bit :).. I have same like you on football and basket ball
  3. Lol. I really dont want do creat a new topic like introdution because i dont know what to say. Glad to came
  4. Hi everyone, I'm MrKnight . I like this name, is one of solider on Word Of Warcraft :). I'm 27 years old. I have play PrimeDice as a addiction. Have win, have losing. I love our community, especially Bojana even though she is support or not ( lol, she said that she is tomboy, but i feeling charming by her). I love eat bread and take coffee with tobacco. I only focus on small amount rolling on Primedice.. Nice to meet u!!!
  5. I and not coder, I am only kidding on code, and i make code for gift as for my girlfriend birthday :)... Hehe.. This is the first program of mine.
  6. 1.5x with 0.01BTC high and then double it >.< busted all.. so dont do my campaign as accident..
  7. I like this song moore than Despacito, what about u?
  8. 1. Play good sounds. 2. Eat the right foods. 3. Watch your pills. 4. Have an evening routine. 5. Sleep in the right position. 6. Play video games. 7. Waft pleasant odors. 8. Get some stress relief. 9. Get a dream journal. 10. Hit 9900x What one you choose?
  9. So delicious :D.. I only eat rice or bread for breakfast.
  10. slow strategy with some risky of 7 reds
  11. PC is less lagging more than mobile, and dont have any mistakes like mobile( can click wrong way, wrong number)
  12. Beggar or deposit :).. Mutecoin or Bitcoin
  13. Close your eye and dream about Jackpot at primedice
  14. Tks you GL u too. Haha Blindme. I try 15 satoshies base bet with 47x and 4% increase on lose strategy at tomorrow and hope i will catch some more
  15. Very well of this tutorial. @sourc3code may be who always give us a detail strategy :). As for me, only like 2.4x and 2x strategy. I will try your strategy after, one question more, do you have script?
  16. Today i receive 15k of Krisoff and make loan about 50k of SK678. Then i play and push them to 0.002 by 2.4x strategy and take a rest. After 2 hours i comeback and play 2.0x with 20k/bet.. OK.. I win big and withdraw :). Good luck for everybody