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  1. Roll Hunt 24.12 and 20.17 with 20k satoshies? and confirmation by image with Merry Christmas Primedice 2017
  2. Max is meet is 40 reds in a row. Maybe he hit some reds before roll like that. But is still dangerous
  3. Today when i on prime dice chat. I see some one get 8 red on automatic at 22.5% chance and 166% on lose. So this is very terrible with high balance account Be carefully with your pick. I hope him can recover soon.
  4. Notification for this script : I use for this script to gain 50k-100k it ok. But sometimes i got busted 200k because of script make wrong side of betting (Lo despite of Hi) when meeting loose streak. So lucky is lucky, random is random. Hope everybody can earn money at your safe risky.
  5. I find out some friend at primedice and some feeling when take a win or lose. Especially, our support Bojana xD.. Lol.. I'm addiction at her =))))))... Shape of her
  6. If i dont wrong, you are from Viet Nam. And I know one forum for earning satoshie is very famous at our community : mmo4me... You can find out some case to earn here. Many script and many way to earning. xD. Welcome to primedice ( remember, dont use vietnamese on your post, u can get banned and misunderstood)
  7. I will rolling in the deep then TIP to chatbot for Roll Hunt game xD....lol i see someone got 1BTC from Edward when he stream, he withdraw and gone
  8. Random is random, lucky is lucky. It's depend on your seeds and your lucky. Every rolls in independent. And I have see 4 red on 98%. But probability is so small about 15k bets have 1 time.
  9. Many times :)... at many scale with many alts xD.. Someone know me... someone dont know xD.. Glad you came PD is I think when i comeback xD.. I remember at 2015, so crowded with Ed stream. And now maybe less because of so much dice site open. They have their advantage, but i still love Primedice Community, especially @Bojana (Because i fall in love with her despite she is tomboy or not) and Darko ( who have a favourite like me on NBA and Soccer Betting)
  10. xD.. I hope it soon. very funny game and i never win ( because i only like RAP and ROCK - except Taylor Swift )
  11. lol.. of course. I play by yolo from 15k. If i win i have much, if i lose i lose only 15k :).. Why i must think many problem as that =))