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  1. That's true only when you take it as a full time job...but when you do it for fun...I doubt if the headache will come. I am a living testimony of this.
  2. Reaching that feat is cool, but it may take a long while.
  3. But I didn't see you chatting, or do you have another username? How are you doing today
  4. Dear Wicked Employers Who use employees like tyres Then they fire and rehire You change them like diapers Your words are final You bragged about sack letter Then they start to panic Due to unemployment statistics They become static And serve you like king Bowing at your feet No respect for their feelings To you they are mess You treat them like chess You set unrealistic targets They put their life on the line They work till night The love in their home decline Home shattered Children scattered All you want is profit irrespective of the atmosphere You forgot they aren't machine that has spare They suffer pains they can't share I have bad news for you I will tell them the truth And you will lose Dear employees Try see what's missing Remember students spend three or five months per semester and pass their exams How many months do an apprentice serve a master? Six months or twelve and he becomes a master. If you have served for ten years, And still unhappy, start yours this year Aren't you learning all this while Why will you serve your whole life? It's time to liberate 2018, you must elevate Start to navigate Success must Enough is enough
  5. House please join me to thank God for seeing another birthday and adding a year to my age....it has been God, if I look from where am coming from and where I am now..... I will continue to appreciate his loving kindness and tender mercies.... Thanks also to who who have contributed to my life directly or indirectly, in one way or the other....I appreciate your time and effort and help. Happy Birthday to me.
  6. Getting interesting, I will have to put on my pants and get ready for this.... Happy voting girls
  7. Lol my weekly earning is 0.019...hoping to surpass this subsequent weeks. 1.29btc isn't a bad one Pitbully. If I can achieve that feat, it will be nice
  8. Lol, my sweetheart number two girlfriend. I love you so much....thanks for stopping by Chris we are sure gonna contest for @gidi and Edward will be the referee. How are you doing today buddy
  9. Among the numerous diseases that affect living beings, cancer is one of the most dangerous diseases, owing to its symptoms and mortality rates. In most cases, patients who suffer from cancer succumb to the disease, as the side effects can be fatal. Cancer is a disease in which there is an abnormal multiplication of cancerous cells, which eventually destroy the tissues and organs. Some of the most common types of cancer are breast cancer, colon cancer, blood cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer and a few others. Ways to reduce the risk of getting cancer are: 1.Laugh. Laughing heartily can reduce stress, which in turn can prevent the production of cancer-causing T-cells in the body. 2.Wear a hat and sunglasses when you head out during the day time and do not forget your sunscreen lotion; these habits can prevent skin cancer. 3.Have just 1 glass of beer or wine per day (not more). These beverages contain antioxidants that can prevent the abnormal multiplication of cells in the body. 4.Drinking coffee on a daily basis has known to reduce the risk of cancer in many people, by 40%, according to a research study. 5.Avoid giving your clothes for dry cleaning, as much as possible and wash them at home, because the chemicals used to dry clean your clothes contain carcinogens. 6.Consume foods that are rich in vitamin D, such as eggs and dairy products, as vitamin D can also prevent cancer to a great extent. 7.Avoid using perfumes, room fresheners and scented candles, as these perfumes added to these products can contain carcinogens. These are the ways to reduce the risk of getting cancer.
  10. username: Juniorokogun date: 18.07.2017 14:34:20
  11. Certainly, I will play more when the price reduce drastically. That will make me deposit more btc into my account,.... because now it is very expensive for my budget.
  12. True Sterlite, I had a brother who told me about one of these Ponzi schemes, gave me their telegram page, cos it was yet to start, they kept given hope and I was very keen to know what they wanted to do. I wasn't convinced so I was observing, unknown to him that it was a planned work from the beginning. The First 20 person had already planned to share the btc among them without planning for the next 21-40 members. Immediately it was lunched, it was going on well, and as I predicted, it collapse when it got to that 21 person., So they were scammed. Lesson well learnt by that my brother.
  13. I want to know which is your spec? Big booty or small ones? For me, both the front and the should be Noticeable. What's your take on this?
  14. Lol Sir Edward, and moon it is. I was beginning to get worried though.
  15. Exactly bro, I have friends and family members who lost a fortune to these sites, and it has turned to oh had I known. That won't be our portion. Thanks mate Greed has been a key factor in determining what they do with their coin, sadly that shouldn't be the "Modus Operandi"
  16. I use blockchain, coinbase and Luno....but Luno has been my favorite, because of the fast transactions. So you can view their terms and conditions if you okay with it, then roll with them
  17. I think this is a wise decision mate, as it will encourage them to participate in future contest... Am running a low bank, but as soon as I lay my hands on bits, I will send some to you as part of my sincere contribution. Good luck to everyone who is contesting.
  18. I have overtime frowned at all these "Quick to get Rich Syndrome" AKA Ponzi schemes. It came out last year and alot of individuals became happy and went forward to invest their Bitcoin in the Ponzi schemes. Within a short while there was a collapse and the negative feedback and effect was massive. Individuals will continue to invest in these Ponzi scheme and they don't really care the risk and repercussions. What's your take on Bitcoin with Ponzi?
  19. I don't know your classification of the "Ordinary Citizens" If you can use a small phone that can browse, and with Internet connection, then you have access to Bitcoin and they can. Those who are living in under-developed areas wouldn't know anything about it existence. Just yesterday here, I ask someone about Bitcoin and he didn't know a dime about it, I was really surprised. I had to do alot of explanations.
  20. If you ask for fast way, I will suggest gambling, but certainly not the best way to get Bitcoin, because the rate of busting could be volatile. But gambling the little you have with good strategy can take you close or even you promise land. Peace