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  1. HELL NO. Anyone that says yes really needs to reconsider themselves and their position. I definitely think at different stages in my life I have considered this position and would probably roll yes, but if you say yes to this question you are in a toxic mindset and need change in your life.
  2. Definitely interested. I have been a long time member of primedice and have personally rained over 1 btc in the chat. Hope this position will go to someone trustworthy.
  3. You can feel the emotion in his voice change as he wins and loses. Its so interesting, he could have lost everything in literally 2 seconds but he managed to win. The fact he remains so calm makes me question how much more money he has, or how much he earns for a living. I know people who earn half a million dollars per year and would never gamble away even $1000. Its so interesting, lucky guy hope he has fun.
  4. At the moment all achievements are based around: Total Wagered, Total Bets, Total Profit, Total Messages, Account Age and Total Commission. Essentially all of the current achievements are a grind, they require no luck and are completely about clicking the next bet, or sending the next message. My idea would be to implement achievements around the topic of luck and chance. Examples include; Winning 1+ btc on a less than 10% chance to win, and scaling upwards.
  5. Investors invest because they want to multiply their invest. The actual value of the price doesnt matter. When coin was 300, investors have 20x their investment now. But now that coin is 8k, to 3x your invest it needs to go up to 21k. So now these days the only way your gonna make big bucks ($100k+) is with a big investment. Too late to make a small investment and win big.
  6. Reset seed, take a 30 minute coffee break and come back with a fresh mindset. I take minutes break between rolls so I do not compulsively keep clicking.
  7. Yeah. I think if you take a 3month - 6month break, your value and understanding of money increases therefore you lose that compulsive nature.
  8. When you cant afford basic needs for life, or you know you have bills to pay but you cant pay them because you are too busy depositng on a site.
  9. Since around 2013/2014 I would say minimum. Used lots of accounts before this one.
  10. Whilst my morals would say speak to the owner of primedice to see who it belongs to, I would just assume I have one a giveaway. Withdraw 0.9 and play with 0.1 But not redeposit.
  11. Definitely used to be a compulsive gambler, however I am much more of a conservative now.
  12. Yeah, good time to invest then I suppose. Anyone know how to buy bitcoins so that when the fork happens you retain the orignal coins in your wallet but will also get the duplicate coins in the duplicate blockchain?
  13. bet 5 btc on 1.5x and lost, then bet another 5 btc on 1.5x and lost. Took my balance from 30 coins down to 20 coins in like 2 seconds, I was so mad.
  14. You still have something to lose, your time. What do you get out of sitting at your computer for 9 hours with the hope of making something from the faucet, and most likely losing everything? Its depressing to me.
  15. This thought process gives me so much anxiety as an investor. Its crazy what people do with their money. I've seen people drop 5k+ on alt coins that they've only known about for a few weeks. Some can triple in 6 hours, and some can go to zero. Its like penny stocks..