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  1. Yeah, Russian scammer I think he has tons of accounts but who know :) Anyway beware guys!!!
  2. Hey everyone! I'll mention you new cheater of our website called "@guma21" and his alt is (probably "FantiqiNahui", I guess becasue he tipped one more time) So, he wanted exchange LTC to BTC(0.10LTC to 0.0012BTC) and I agreed with him I sent him 0.0012BTC and then he didn't send me! Be careful guys!
  3. BET:22,005,826,742 placed by Forever0077 Wagered: 0.00000128 Payout: 1.01x Profit: 0.00000002 Thanks Dan!
  4. Best of luck @Dan Honestly, I will watch it. Hopefully I will try to do like! Good Luck anyway @Dan
  5. BET:21,966,179,610 placed by Forever0077 Wagered: 0.00000100 Payout: 450.00x Profit: 0.00044900 Thanks Dan!
  6. BOOBS LOVERS ARMY forever lets gooo
  7. iwant1btc

    IRL Birthday

    PD COMMUNITY BIRTHDAY LIST JANUARY 7-Carollzinha Souza 25 - Faris FEBRUARY 6 - goldbtc77 MARCH 1 - kristoffff 14 - jbenjaminy 31 - chaitanya APRIL 28-StevefromCA MAY 18 - Primedice JUNE JULY AUGUST 19 - maverick528 SEPTEMBER OCTOBER NOVEMBER DECEMBER
  8. @jbenjaminy super strat broo i tried it and won 0.015 good luck for all i recommend this strat
  9. i haven't cashed out but now reached 12K i think going good