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  1. LOL @ "dire" last comment before I go... have always suspected that 1) Athena is a man 2) ultra is Athena but pisses off too many people so needs dual screennames and a vpn.. but who cares if this is true or not.. 3) take your sub-culture threats of "dire" anything somewhere else. i'll not be threatened by a nobody on the internet... *logs out forgood*
  2. 1) it's not relevant to this matter since it was written off. 2) no. 3) mind your own business. it doesn't pertain to you ... 4) you're too big for your britches. nobody put you in charge of anything why the fuck am I even responding here... someone ban my account please?
  3. frankly I don't care if you validate the info or not - Athena's trying to get FAR MORE than he loaned out by preying on someones family emergency.. who the hell does that? you knew I had a fking DEATH in the family and had to liquidate every asset I had, and your instinct is to try and gouge me for a 500% profit margin? go buy a fuckin' SOUL with all your loan payments. i'm outty 5000 and have you blocked on the other site as well. have a nice life.
  4. regardless. you could have issued the default sooner. this matter is resolved in my eyes and will not be addressed further. i'm logging out for good. deal with it.
  5. Per the loan statement was 0.005 with 10% over a max of 5 days meaning a max payout of 0.0075 - after being late I felt bad and overpaid him to the tune of 0.0094 which can be validated by support. I am leaving prime dice and I am not paying this member another dime -- please see original unedited post. goodbye. PS.. inour telegram message I said I would LIKE to be able to pay you as much as 0.1 - I NEVER said that I would. I said I would over pay a bit until it felt right.... a 0.005 loan with a max of 50% interest being paid to almost 0.01 is far more than enough.
  6. give it a listen -- should i make a cleaner version for youtube? Recording_16.wav
  7. are you resetting to base after big win?
  8. I had the binary... couldn't find the code needed in the ribbons..... and I did have a ffeling the CMYK came into play................... damn...
  9. Currently it is only for desktop but a mobile version is in the works you can play for free in the freerolls they have many daily and win CHP
  10. Football.. basketball seems less painful.... Skydiving or Bunjee Jumping?
  11. uh wwe're talking about poker tho
  12. Netflix it's cheaper stargate sg1 or stargate atlantis