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  1. Who are the better superheroes? The Avengers or the DC league?.. We say none of them. Primedice heroes are far ahead of them πŸ˜€ That’s why we want to invite all of you to once again have a shot at being a Primedice hero of the week. To be on that exclusive list and receive your prize, you simply need to be in the weekly hall of fame on the 20th of July at 23:59 CET (most wagered leaderboard). You will receive a prize based on the table below and 15% Rakeback for the following week. 1st : 0.15 BTC 2nd : 0.1 BTC 3rd : 0.075 BTC 4th : 0.04 BTC 5th : 0.035 BTC 6th : 0.03 BTC 7th : 0.025 BTC 8th : 0.02 BTC 9th : 0.015 BTC 10th : 0.01 BTC
  2. Congratulations to all the "Primedice owners for a day" for their achievement. The winners' list, in the following order, is: Apple7755 GODFATHER100 Meshaidas Huahua77 Gelbakems Ufksrmn Olya1976 Chek25 JamaicanMon Ghasam
  3. And the winners are... Congratulations to all the winners, enjoy your prizes and the Rakeback for a week.
  4. We are looking for our Christmas Heroes! We have prepared some surprises for our Primedice lovers, and one of those is to run another Heroes Promotion. To qualify for the Christmas Heroes, you will have to be one of the top 10 wagered for the week on the Primedice Hall of Fame at 06:00 CET on Thursday, 28th of December. The competition begins on the 21st of December at 6:00 CET. Please be advised; ALL top 10 players will receive 15% Rakeback on the house edge for the following week starting on the 28th of December and finishing on the 4th of January. The top 10 players will receive prizes based on their position in the top 10. Please find the amounts given for each placement below. 1st - 0.15 BTC 2nd - 0.1 BTC 3rd - 0.075 BTC 4th - 0.04 BTC 5th - 0.035 BTC 6th - 0.03 BTC 7th - 0.025 BTC 8th - 0.02 BTC 9th - 0.015 BTC 10th - 0.01 BTC If you have any questions regarding the promotion above, do not hesitate to contact us through our forum or 24/7 support service.
  5. The Jackpot has been fixed and it's back on 110 BTC again. Sorry for the confusion.
  6. https://digiconomist.net/bitcoin-energy-consumption Interesting article about the Bitcoin energy consumption
  7. Brais

    Board games

    I don't have friends under 10 man!!
  8. Brais

    Board games

    I said he already has that one
  9. Brais

    Board games

    I have a friend that loves board games and I want to give him a present. As far as I know, he already has the usuals like Risk, Monopoly, Trivial, Pictionary, Hotel... Any suggestions?
  10. Brais

    Crypto Podcasts

    Crypto Podcasts I was speaking the other day with @Dan about different podcasts that talk about cryptos. I think podcast is a good way to improve our knowledge on different topics and it will be good if we can share here with everybody some recommendations
  11. It will depend on what you're good at. Some people have good sites, other are good at streaming, others just have a lot of friends, or even they are good in forums and social networks. Be good at one thing :). If you are in one of this cases I can help you to improve your results but a general tip without knowing what you do it's quite difficult.
  12. Finish model on the Shark cage This video is from 2014 but still being funny. This Finish model, Sara Chafak, goes head to head with Pro Ronnie Bardah and he gets a bit crazy...
  13. Primedice banners In this Dropbox folder, you can find some Primedice banners in case you need to use them for some Marketing activities. DROPBOX FOLDER
  14. Hi I have an idea that I would like to check with you guys. You enjoyed time ago the Miss Primedice content and I reckon that we could organize a contest to choose the best Primedice dog Would you like something like that? We all love dogs and some of us are willing to participate with our own dogs. Let me know what you think guys!
  15. @artcode there are already posts for both brands there