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  1. so .. maybe you could clarify bojana the specific things that would result in a permanent mute, I mean, I understand breaking any of these rules results in a mute of a period between anything form 1hr to a few days depending on the offense.. and I do know that for example, posting an ad link or referral link or if you've scammed some1 obviously.. can be an instant permanent ban. but what justifies a permanent ban for a member other than that? And also, how come some members when reported for pm begging don't get any mute at all, yet other's do? obviously..I'm only referring to when there is proof. Thanx for ur help Bojana =)
  2. I've been here since Jan 6th of this year.. but I've literally like..not left since..HAHA
  3. thank you edward, not sure I'll have enough . but thankx =)
  4. Good luck to you too! Nice to meet you =) maybe we will see you in chat!
  5. Jeanne


    LMAO- cept you cant chat on the site can you? why is that now? ohhh yea, good riddens troublemakin punk
  6. Jeanne

    I am Bojana

    Hi Bojana!! you are a wonderful new addition to the team! look forward to seeing u in chat =) nice to meet u!
  7. LOVE this .. like a "channel 2" .YES, i've seen this on other chats in other places. should DEFINITELY be done here =)
  8. probably in the mud. hahah off the 4 wheelin trax... looooooooooooooooong time ago .. lolz
  9. It will survive, and it will thrive, however that doesn't mean the price won't dive for a few days here and there.
  10. so far so good, it just feels a lot smoother, and looks more connected to pd site. I like that you can link your account to the forum now via profile action =)
  11. so with the new forum change, when click to "modify" the screen that opens doesn't give me the ability to do so, so the best I could do is quote my original answer and make my 1 allowed change. my EDITED answer is FRANKLIN =)
  12. I think in order to be a mod, you must be a long time respected member of the pd community, NOT be amidst constant drama, NOT be labelled beggar, and NOT favor or be impartial to members based on your own your own like or dislike for any1. Therefore again I'd like to mention again that Morros or Pitbully I think would be great mods. In addition, (because I wouldn't nominate some1 without asking them if they'd even be interested in it 1st!) I'd also like to nominate Glenarven- also a long time member here and with 10 years of experience.
  13. If i may, I'd like to nominate 2 different people here for a few reasons. Morros who's been a longtime trusted and respected member here, is well liked by everyone and i feel we be solid, available, and level headed mod. Pitbully who's been a longtime member here and has also been a mod at I believe 4 different places, so he's got some experience in this department . Whomever you choose Ed, appreciate you letting us give a little input here =)
  14. definitely the right direction =) i was thinking more along the lines of a tab, like the "friends" tab, but 1 that just shows all users in chat at that time, some order where the frequent chatters of the past xx amount of time are at the top and some1 whos logged into chat but rarely chats would be near the bottom of the list.